Hey good lookin’ what’s cookin’ — Photo by history.com

1536: Henry VIII’s Cheese Slides Off His Cracker

Annus horribilis Tudor style

“I die the King’s good servant but God’s first” — Photo by thetudorswiki.com
“Lastly, I make this vow, that mine eyes desire you above all things.” Photo by Britannia.com

Henry Fall Down Go Boom

Shit’s about to go down, mainly me. Photo by Britannia
I am royally screwed. Photo by the Tudor Enthusiast
That’ll learn ’em to pray to the same God in a slightly different way! Photo by the History Notes
Some gigs just aren’t worth the trouble. Photo by Olivia Longueville
My brother, Henry? Really? Photo by the Tudor Enthusiast
The quaint old tradition of the condemned paying their executioner was heartwarming. Photo by Olivia Longueville
Anne Who? Photo by Tudors and Other Histories
Oh, just you guys wait. Photo by imdb.com
Yeah, I’ll have you lot “hail Marying” in more ways than one. Thetudorsdaily.tumbler.com
I’m sure the rabble won't mind us decimating their 1,500-year-old religion. Photo by Ancient History Encyclopedia
Right. Did everyone charge their cell phones? Photo by Historica Wiki
Who would’ve thought a King could be a lying POS? Photo by the Tudor Society
Charles I, Henry VIII, and Queen Jane. Royal vault, St.George’s Chapel, Windsor. Photo by historyextra.com

is a news junkie and history buff spending the End Times randomly alternating between bouts of crankiness and bemusement. Come along!

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