2018 Midterms: The Moment of Reckoning

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Well, here we are, with midterm elections looming again. And it seems that the floundering Democratic Party has yet to come to grips with no longer being the obvious alternative to the GOP. This is largely because it’s hard to tell one party from the other at this point, except one has gay wedding cake, and one does not.

Establishment Dems lose their shit when you tell them this. The insults are epic, the tantrums are breathtaking, the butt-hurt is palpable. Nothing but hyper-defensive babble with no substance — just endless semi-hysterical references to TRUMP and PUTIN and RUSSIA.

If you haven’t already punctured your eardrums with a Phillips head screwdriver in the interest of self-preservation after 90 seconds, congrats. Next off, you’ll be informed that you’re a Russian bot (surprise!) and get your name on a Democratic Party shit list for using “colorful language.”

I wish I was kidding. (Don’t forget, That’s Kathleen with a “K.”)

Anyway, you rarely hear anything even slightly conciliatory from Establishment Democrats. And when you do, it’s so easy to tell they are crossing their crooked fingers behind their back-stabbing backs, especially when spouting platitudes like, “Let’s see Progressives win their primaries, then we’ll support their candidacy. We’ll get rid of — no, we’ll ‘revamp’ our B.S. Superdelegate process! RESIST!”

Establishment Dems reaching out to Progressives. Unity! Photo by social Mettle

But as soon as the Progressive wins started piling up, said Establishment Democrats pulled an epic but not unsurprising backslide. And even more baffling is that while they are desperately trying to suppress the Progressive faction within their party (pretty stupid), they are also actively sabotaging these candidates in the mainstream media (totally stupid.)

The Democrats are slamming and undermining their own candidates! It’s textbook cutting-off-your-nose to spite your face behavior. Progressives cost Hillary her crown, and therefore they must be punished. That sure seems to sum up the mindset.

You seriously have to wonder if the actual game plan is to lose and masochistically watch what’s left of their party die a slow, ignominious death. After all, the DNC has announced that our old pal Hillary, the herpes of politics, is headlining three upcoming Party fundraisers.

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“Are they fucking serious?” huffed Thomas. Photo by Roblox

If that’s not Suicide by Disgruntled Voter, I simply don’t know what is.

And no, reforming your anti-democratic Superdelegate system is not enough. Ditch it completely so it means something. You are fooling no-one.

The upcoming midterms are of grave importance for the Democratic Party, whether they accept that or not. If they schlep out the same corporate-backed candidates in the face of the massive Progressive shift both in their party and the country at large, they will lose. No question.

And they cannot blame their failure on anything but their own stubborn refusal to heed the will of their constituents. It’s not like there’s any guesswork involved. The People have been very clear about their expectations.

Most are all about forging a successful strategy to beat the Marmalade Moron but more importantly they plan to attack issues like healthcare, income inequality, and campaign finance reform.

But instead of opting for a zero-hour rise-from-the-ashes, they give every indication of believing GOP domination is better than Progressive control of the Democratic Party, and are willing to deliberately throw elections because of that.

Why is this? Why, especially considering their obsession with bringing down Trump? Why would they risk weakening their own party in the face of such calamity? Why?

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“Holy shit! They BOTH suck!”

Is it perhaps because the Democratic and Republican parties actually work hand in glove to preserve the oligarchy? Maybe?

Aside from a mass simultaneous brain aneurysm, nothing else makes sense.

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