2020 Election Shit Fest: Now With More Vote Shaming!

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Ugh. Tiresome. Photo by Politico

Honestly. This is mind-blowing. I know I have a penchant for giving people far more credit than they deserve, but this new round of rabid Democrat vote-shaming just takes the cake.

Progressive and/or Indy voters, who comprise between 42-49% of the electorate, have been warning establishment Democrats since the summer of 2016 that they can’t win without our votes. It’s not a threat. It’s third-grade math.

Once the DNC yet again stole the nomination from the wildly popular Bernie Sanders, who happened to attract the exact demographic the Democrats needed (if they ran fair elections and wanted to win, but we know they don’t) the neolib Dems have gone off-the-charts nutso.

Look, you guys. About three-quarters of the country doesn’t belong to your shitty club. Without a platform, particularly a Progressive platform, you offer nothing to lure non-Party members. Yet, you’re killing yourselves courting the Republicans, which is understandable considering you’re all on the same rich-bitch page.

It’s a perfect storm of greed and privilege.

This election cycle, the abusive demands for our unearned vote have reached heights even greater than the Attack of the Pantsuit Succubus Brigade back in 2016.

They have infiltrated social media like a cancer. Trolling Progressive groups and pages droning on about Bernie backing Biden so we must as well, like we’re in a fucking cult or something.

No. We don’t. Bernie is contractually obligated to support his friend, the pedo-rapist, but we aren’t. And in any case, Biden himself said that if we believe Tara Reade, we shouldn’t vote for him. I do, and I won’t.

Even combined, the two (really one if we’re honest) major parties barely outnumber the unaffiliated voters flipping them the bird. The GOP gets around this by locking down the Bible-waving, moonshine-addled, cousin-humper vote that only worries about their guns and ensuring women are denied bodily autonomy.

Yeah, the Dems have the brunch and yoga crowd. But they can lay no claim to the left (it’s a real knee slapper that Trump calls this bunch radical socialists) thanks to their commitment to austerity policies(for us, not them, of course), fossil fuel, and endless war.

We are not voting for that shit.

What part of this are you struggling with?

Look. Here’s the thing. Thinking that the very people your party disenfranchised will support you is fucking demented. Disgust with the GOP does not imply affection for you. Half the country knows you’re both full of shit and not worth the powder to blow you to hell.

And you’re not even nice about trying to peddle another racist rapist to prospective voters.

Oh no. It’s all


Yeah. That’s a surefire way to get people to vote against their conscience and own best interests. Bravo. For a bunch that wept if a Berner looked at them the wrong way in 2016, they sure do a lot of bullying.

But that’s indicative of their arrogance and sense of entitlement. They honestly feel that Not Being Trump can put their Blue doddering old dude in the Oval Office. Then they can all get back to brunch and calling the police on black folks.

Establishment Dems don’t care about you. At all. They just want to return to their Neolib Normal while the rest of the country burns. Being politically self-centered, they are perfectly content pretending everything was spiffy until the Orange Anal Wart waddled his doughy ass into the White House.

This suits their purpose. Let’s accuse the doofus who couldn’t find his own bunghole with both hands and a searchlight of being an evil mastermind capable of gutting American democracy just like *that*.

Seems plausible. If you have a plastic bag over your head.

Most people know that Trump is merely the bloviating symptom of a failed system. It’s not rocket science. This country has been going down the shit chute for over half a century.

If the Democrats wanted our votes, they had their chance. They did everything they could to derail the Bernie Sanders campaign. Then they expect his supporters to get behind their handpicked right-wing puppet?

As that wise sage Daffy Duck spaketh: Ho ho, that’s rich, I’ll say.

Not happening, guys. But we’ll be watching on Election Night as the Democrats present Trump a second term on a silver platter. And laughing and laughing and laughing. Die mad about it.

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