A Bunch of Reasons Trump Will Probably Prevail in 2020

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Look. here’s a couple reasons now. Photo by Politico.com

It’s almost adorable how confident centrist Democrats are about strolling back into the White House in 2020. You know, adorable in that want-to-give-them-a-2x4-off-the-cranium adorable.

Because at this point, I don’t know what’s more off-putting — their bitchy sense of Voter Entitlement or their bossy Fear Politics. Certainly not a recipe for success, but try telling that to those guys.

You hear it every day.

The real kicker is that those who profess to RESIST Trump also support establishment Democrats who ASSIST Trump in every way imaginable but don’t see any problem with this. It would seem their logic is that the best way to combat fascism is by condoning fascism!

Don’t take my word for it. Just check their voting records for verification.

There are gazillions of ways the Democratic Party is sparing everyone the hassle of participating in another sham primary and lesser-of-two-very-evils election in 2020. There are as many reasons as there are people Hillary’s blamed or excuses she’s given for losing last time around.

Let’s start with the DNC’s staunch refusal to address the obscene amount of corruption running rampant in their Party. When caught red-handed, it’s best not to go on the high-horse defensive and claim cheating is your prerogative per your organization’s charter. There’s nothing sleazier then officially legitimizing your own dirty dealings.

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You know, like this.


  • Floating candidates like Biden, Warren, Harris, and Booker are proof positive that the DNC refuses to learn any lessons from the bitchslap administered in 2016. The message was clear: no more corporate neo-liberals. We weren’t kidding then, we aren’t kidding now.
  • And seriously. Those pink pussy hats have leeched out whatever limited brain matter you may still possess and set the women’s movement back a gazillionty years. Cut that shit out.
  • The McResistance has yet to grasp that obsessing on ousting You-Know-Who accomplishes nothing. Trump didn’t cause this fustercluck, he’s merely the big, lumpy, stupid outcome of it. America didn’t suddenly collapse in ruins when he waddled his dumpy ass into Washington. His antics are just an unrelenting Jerry Springer episode atop a political shit pile that’s been in existence for decades, and, let’s face it, Donnie can’t sing “Let’s Stay Together” as sweetly as Barry did while he’s dropping bombs on innocent civilians in Yemen.
  • And yes, we get it. You hate Trump. We all do, but high fiving each other over shared Twitler antipathy won’t get any of us healthcare, fair wages, or the dismantling of the police state. These were serious issues before Trump, and will also be serious issues after Trump.

Let’s not ignore the real root of the problem by slapping a band-aid over a spurting artery. You can’t stop the blood from gushing without mending the underlying damage. Even if you apply a tourniquet, it’s only a desperate, temporary measure until lasting repairs can be made.

When you attack the issues, you attack the enemy in the process of pursuing your goal, killing the proverbial two birds with one much more constructive stone.

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LOL. The leader of the Free World. LOL. Photo by Google.com
  • So the prospect of a two-term Trump presidency doesn’t fill you with adequate terror?
    OK then. The Democrats are pulling out the big guns.
    You asked for it.
    Chew on that, Berners.
    PUTIN. And Trump. PUTIN.
    (But Putin ONLY on Slow News Days. You know, when there isn’t a new identity politics mass snit occurring or other crucial crap like that.)

Moral of the Story: The Democrats have no platform other than them not being Trump. Or Putin. BOO!

And Another Thing:

  • The neo-liberal Democrats’ laughable revamping of their Superdelegate practice is beyond pathetic, and everyone knows it. Whether you screw us in the first round or the second round makes no difference in the end, now does it?
  • And we won’t even discuss the DCCC’s decision to bar any vendors who support candidates challenging incumbents. Nope, won’t discuss it. Wouldn’t want the centrists to pitch a bitch when it’s pointed out that Democracy is apparently too taxing for Democrats to even attempt in practice.
  • And these same Democrats, who should be overjoyed that the most popular politician in the country (Bernie Sanders, but you knew that already) is willing to run on their ticket inexplicably shun and berate him, thereby throwing away any chance of ever winning another presidential election before the sun explodes.
  • We will endure another four years of the Marmalade Moron because people are unutterably and unfailingly stupid. See above.

Conclusion? We’re all basically screwed, unless Bernie, or Batman, or both, come to save us.

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No. Non. Nyet. (giggle) Photo by The Hill.com

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