A Woman’s Trauma Is Not Your Political Collateral

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I can’t believe it’s necessary to point this out, but not all women have the capacity or feel the compulsion to parade their private trauma publicly. Many are deeply private people who don’t go in for the group-hug approach to processing their pain. Others find it far too traumatic to speak of their experience(s). That is their prerogative. That is their right.

It makes you a complete asshole for immediately assuming she's never been victimized. You’re an even bigger asshole if you don’t even consider the possibility that’s she’s a silent survivor before you start shooting off your self-righteous cakehole.

Maybe she doesn’t like seeing her own personal experiences belittled by a political sideshow. Perhaps she realizes she’s being used by the system. Again. Still.

Too bad you don’t.

Survivors, silent or not, who believe that the scourge of sexual assault is being trivialized as a tactical political maneuver have just as much right to their feelings as the more accepted and celebrated MeToo crowd.

MeToo has been and can be very empowering. For some. But it isn’t helpful, appropriate or even possible for everyone. There are victims who will never come forward for their own reasons and they are not to be shamed for this.

And if you feel justified coming down on ANYONE for dealing with their trauma in a way you don’t find acceptable, it’s proof positive your motives are strictly political and you really are OK with victim-shaming.

Guess what? Not everyone is comfortable with their deeply-rooted pain being used as a pawn by scheming politicians. Nor do they appreciate being used as fodder for the usual virtue-signaling dipshits to pat themselves on the back for being such good allies.

And yes, that’s what they’re doing, (even with the “newsworthy” survivors stepping up,) whether you choose to acknowledge it or not.

These shit nuggets are cynically using the pain and horror experienced by millions of women to obtain a political advantage or polish a non-existent halo, and it’s just another of the sundry reasons that most Establishment Democrats and the self-appointed PC Police totally suck.

If you’re truly on the side of victims of rape and/or sexual assault, that means you support ALL victims, not just the ones who share your personal or political philosophy. It’s that simple.

*And if you think this missive is in any way indicative of sympathy for, or solidarity with, any sexual predator past, present, or future, you’re too stupid to live. And that’s the nicest thing I’ll have to say about you, so save it. *

Stop being what you supposedly “resist” -manipulative, heartless drones who only give a shit about the scourge of sexual abuse and oppression when it might be politically expedient.

Have a long look at yourself, and check your real motivation.

If you dare.

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