An Open Letter To My Fellow White Folks

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Let’s just cut to the chase here, my pasty-white brethren. I really don’t have the time or patience for anything else.

I’m fucking sick of the racist, willfully ignorant All Lives Matter horseshit. I’m over the bootlicking cop worshippers blaming black people for being murdered by a bunch of mouth-breathing underachievers.

I’m tired of a career choice being equated with race. Because in case you haven’t noticed, being a cop is a fucking choice, but being black is not. If your heroes in blue are too a-sceered to treat citizens — ALL citizens — with respect, they can, and should, seek other employment.

So yeah, shove your Blue Lives Matter shit too. You may as well just carry a sign reading I’M AN UNAPOLOGETIC AUTHORITARIAN RACIST. Seriously, you’re gross. Your breath reeks of bootlicking bullshit and undeserved privilege.

It’s pretty easy to pinpoint the root cause of why many white people feel justified denying other Americans their fundamental rights. It's as simple and as complex as this: You’ve always gotten away with it. You’ve never even given it a second thought. Now that it’s clear the societal tides are turning, white people are afraid more rights for “the others” will equate to fewer rights for them.

It’s just been the accepted order of things. Until now, that is.

You can’t relate to Black Lives Matter because there is no time in our nation’s history when your precious little Caucasian existence hasn’t mattered.

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Now granted, some white lives have always mattered more than others — compare the privilege of a white Protestant man to a white Catholic woman for example. The latter suffered — and suffers — far greater discrimination than the former. Especially since the former is the one making the rules and doesn’t experience discrimination at all. It’s not even in the same ballpark, no matter how much white men like to whine about how hard it is being Masters of the Universe.

But here's the thing. The rampant, unchecked disregard for Black Lives isn’t even in the same league. It’s not even the same fucking game. Anyone who fails to acknowledge this indisputable fact directly benefits from systemic racism. Fact.

“But All Lives Matter!”

Yeah, about that.

The Black Community is suffering from cancer. White people are not. Administering needed treatment so our black citizens can achieve homeostasis in no way takes away from your healthy white ass.

What you should do is utilize your good fortune by helping others benefit from what you’ve always taken for granted.

I know, right? What a revolutionary concept!

Racism is learned behavior, which means it can be UNLEARNED. Might take a little time and effort, so get fucking going on that, cra-kuh. No-one’s putting up with your pearl-clutching white fragility any more, not even other white folks.

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is a political junkie and history buff randomly alternating between bouts of crankiness and amusement while bearing witness to the Apocalypse. Come along!

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