Banning Abortion Isn’t About “Saving Babies,” It’s About Controlling Women’s Lives

Women’s … Rights? Is that a thing?

You’d be hard-pressed to find a bunch more sanctimoniously hypocritical than the supposed “pro-life” contingent. Even their self-described moniker is deliberately misleading.

There is nothing “pro-life” about wanting to deny women sovereignty over their own bodies and family planning choices. Their movement is much more accurately classified as “anti-choice,” because their primary purpose is to control women’s reproductive freedom and force them in to giving birth, no matter the circumstances or consequences, including rape or death of the mother.

Parenthood should be entered into deliberately, thoughtfully, and willingly. This is not a decision that any human being, organization, or religion has the right to make for any woman. It’s outrageous that anyone would feel justified imposing their will on others making a choice as forever life-altering as having a child.

Women are not brood mares or man’s meek helpmate. They have the right to determine their own destiny, and that includes the decision whether or not to bear children.

If your church or personal moral code does not condone abortion, the solution is simple. Don’t have an abortion. No-one will force you to, just as women shouldn’t be forced into carrying an unwanted pregnancy.

It’s not for you to judge other people’s personal medical decisions by the standards of your belief system. Presuming to stick your nose into another adult’s family planning choices is the height of hubris.

And please — don’t spew that “protecting the sanctity of life” horseshit, because if that were the real purpose of the pro-life movement no child, or anyone else for that matter, would be hungry or homeless. So spare us your Republican Jesus logic on this subject.

And by the way, hiding behind religion is a truly shitbag way to push your self-serving agenda. For a bunch that so loudly claims to protect and preserve life, the Super-Devout(ha!)GOP sure seems to take evil glee in punishing children who were the fetuses so near and dear to their black hearts a short time before.

Anti-choice advocates couldn’t care less about the child resulting from an unplanned and unwanted pregnancy. If they did, poor single mothers and their children would not be living in abject poverty. These staunch defenders of human life (ha!) would ensure all mothers and babies had their basic needs met.

And since we all know this is definitely not the case, it’s perfectly reasonable to call them out on their hypocrisy. After all, many “pro-lifers” see no problem with setting off bombs at clinics performing abortions. And the absurdity behind this reasoning completely escapes them.

Denying women safe, legal abortion is oppression in the truest sense of the word and has no place in a modern, secular society. Because whether the shrinking churches acknowledge it or not, their turn in the driver’s seat is swiftly coming to an end, largely thanks to their Neanderthal stance on issues like this.

It’s nauseatingly clear that the desire to outlaw abortion comes from a place of unapologetic religious misogyny. And yes, women can also be misogynists. All anti-choice women are.

Referring to abortion as murder displays a disturbing lack of familiarity with basic human biology and the complete willingness to flaunt their ignorance. But then again, since when have pro-lifers ever allowed pesky facts to get in the way of their agenda? Pro-life usually also means Pro-death penalty. Go figure. These clowns are a few crayons short of a full box.

So if the Anti-Choice Trump Chumps are planning any sort of attack on Roe.v Wade the bottom line is this: we will not turn back the clock on a woman’s right to call the shots over her own fertility and future. We fought hard to obtain it and make no mistake, we’ll fight even harder to keep it.


Women will not be sacrificed on the altar of your antiquated, patriarchal religions/cults.

If you really want to flaunt how pious and awesome you are, go volunteer at a homeless shelter, donate money to children’s charities or better still, put your money where your endlessly flapping gob is and adopt a needy child. Until then I cordially invite you to shut the hell up. Forever.

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