Berner Burn Out: It’s a Thing

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And so it goes. Photo by Radiofreethinker

April 8, 2020, is a day I will never forget. It will always be a death anniversary, a day of mourning. Any hope of challenging, and maybe even beating, the corporate elite who are systematically killing us all just … vanished.

That was the day Bernie Sanders, the only living politician I give two fucks about, bailed on his campaign to support his “good friend” Joe Biden, the dementia-addled rapist.


Really Bernie? Really?

Million of people were galvanized when he announced we were going for that brass ring again. They knocked on doors, made countless phone calls, and sent a barrage of text messages. They sacrificed months of their lives to lift Bernie and our Progressive movement up.

People that check their coat pockets in the hopes of finding a forgotten fiver donated to Bernie in droves. I know I did, and couldn’t afford to. But I considered it an investment in my grandchildren's future.

On April 8, something snapped in me. I knew I would never, could never feel the same way about Bernie again. He chose to align himself with the enemy over his supporters. And for many of them, it was a matter of life or death.

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WTF Bernie

I still love and respect him as a Senator and on a personal level. I still believe he’s a goodhearted man. TOO good to survive the shark tank of Presidential politics. I've never doubted his motives, but his judgment is faulty at best.

Losing the election is one thing. Throwing in the towel in APRIL is quite another. He quit the race almost right after the starting gun. That preemptive surrender on Bernie’s part trashed our credibility.

And please, spare me the “he’s still on the ballot, and we can win this!” delusional horseshit. Or the “we’re amassing delegates for leverage at the convention. We’re gonna make Progressive policy part of the Democratic Party platform yeah!”

No, you can’t. And no, you're not. The DNC will never allow either.

Let me bust another bubble for you. Neoliberal delegates are being chosen over Progressives. I’m watching my friends, real Progressives, shunted aside in favor of brunch-eating rape apologists.

And in any case, the idea that our delegation will influence the Democratic Party is so sadly naive I want to hug the folks that truly believe it. I did too until I watched our delegates belittled and barred from the 2016 convention.

How have people forgotten that? And why would you think it would be any different this time?

Remember this shitshow?Photo by Wired

And as far as the narrative that Bernie “suspended” his campaign to protect his supporters from COVID-19 by keeping them away from the polls? Seriously? This doesn’t even make sense. Bernie supporters are vulnerable to the virus but Biden voters aren’t? He’s also still on the primary ballot and many Berners have and will go out and vote for him. Bernie knows that.

Bernie dropping out so early without even demanding any concessions has kneecapped the Progressive movement he supposedly champions. Oh, it will recover, regroup, and re-enter the arena. Make no mistake about that.

Because Bernie’s not the movement, we are. How many times has Bernie reminded us of this simple fact himself?

So now, I scroll quickly by Bernie’s social media posts like he’s an ex I don’t want to be reminded of. Hearing him shill for the corrupt, corporate Dems that are the cause of our misery is simply too much for me to bear.

I sound angry, I know. I AM angry. That’s where I’m at right now. Maybe that will change, maybe it won’t, but I’m not going to apologize for holding Bernie to the same standards as every other candidate.

If this offends you, examine why. Are you really the policy-driven Progressive you claim to be? Or just a Bernie supporter?

Worth thinking about.

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