Bernie or Bust: It’s Not Just a Clever Slogan

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Way back in 2015, when we were all a bit younger and maybe a tad less jaded, a philosophy shared by millions was given a name and a home base:

Bernie or Bust.

Remember? We were going to write Bernie in or vote Third Party if the DNC did us wrong. And we did, but in retrospect, the write-in option was sorely lacking punch in the face of individual state election laws.

And can anyone recall how the Hillbots equated us with three-year-olds holding their breath until their demands were met?

Good times.

But we soldiered on. Bernie may have lost, but hey, Clinton didn’t win.

Always look for that silver lining.

I admit I was a bit naive in the aftermath of the 2016 election, and have a terrible habit of giving people far more credit than they deserve. So, I harbored hope that the DNC and the Dem rank-and-file would heed the hard lessons they (should’ve) learned from the unparalleled FUBAR they created.

The corruption exposed during the Democratic primaries was hardly the work of criminal masterminds. And if you read the Wikileaks emails instead of (illogically)screaming about RUSSIA, it’s crystal clear what happened and who was behind it.

The Democratic Party asserts that, as a private corporation, they are not bound by their own charter. They reserve the right to hand-pick the candidate of their (meaning the Plutocracy’s) choosing. In a nutshell, Democrats freely admit their primary process is just political theater. And yet, they never hesitate to strong-arm both Green New Deal Democrats and Independent Progressives.

“The Will of the People” is very far down on the DNC list of concerns. They expect voters (all voters, not just their party members) to content themselves with whatever talking-head neo-liberal corporatist they throw our way.
The nicest thing they say when we refuse to comply with VBNMW is that we’re “too policy-oriented.”

Like that’s even a thing.

The most amazing aspect of this behavior is that Establishment Dems issue their demands without a hint of irony. Self-awareness really isn’t their strong suit.

Hypocrisy, thy name is Democrat.

And ever since then, all we’ve heard is Russian, Putin, Putin, Russia in the biggest display of politically-induced mass hysteria since the last Red Scare in the late 40s/early 50s.

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Not surprisingly, in the wake of 2016’s shameful cluster fuck, the Bernie or Bust movement grew exponentially. Witnessing the blatant corruption of the Democratic Party during the primaries — and beyond — opened millions of sleepy eyes.

It’s interesting to note the differences between the Progressive Bernie or Bust philosophy and the Establishment Dem Vote Blue No Matter Who battle cry. The former is a statement of intent stressing the autonomy of Independent voters, while the latter is a presumptuous admonition to vote for whatever neoliberal corporate puppet the DNC thrusts upon us, whether we are Party members or not.

Nope. Not happening.

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I feel like a broken record here, but rejecting the GOP does not, in any way, imply affinity with the Democratic Party. Far from it. Establishment Dems have a hard time grasping that over 40% of the electorate hold nothing but contempt for both parties. Why? Because most Independents have known for years that the only real difference between the two is gay wedding cake.

For example, Hair Sniffing Joe openly stated he’d happily pick a GOP running mate and advised millions of concerned environmentalists to take their anti-fracking votes elsewhere. He’s combative, elitist, and as articulate as Grandpa Simpson, only a lot less funny. Yet this is the best the Establishment Dems have to offer.

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Seriously. THIS guy. Photo by New York Magazine

This is why we need to pledge Bernie or Bust. The Democratic Party is not entitled to our support and certainly not our votes. Especially when the Dems provide Trump with far more assistance than resistance. Declaring ourselves BOB is the simplest way to drive the point home.

The neoliberal assertion that Bernie or Bust is a movement born of privilege proves conclusively just how hopelessly clueless they really are. Establishment Dems fail to understand how many of us simply cannot afford another administration courtesy of the evil two-headed monster called Plutocracy.

Almost half the country is ill-equipt to deal with a $400 emergency, even while working two or three jobs. 40,000 people die annually because, simply put, we value corporate profits over human life. The most vulnerable among us are literally having the food taken from their mouths and joining the ranks of the homeless in droves. Then the system responsible for their diminished circumstances blames the victim by outlawing homelessness.

Pure evil.

If we don’t commit to looking out for each other even if “you got yours” this country will deservedly go the way of Imperial Rome.

And Neo-Lib Dems? Repeating VOTE BLUE NO MATTER WHO like a mantra while also declaring yourself NEVER BERNIE perfectly sums up why you suck. Listen to yourselves, and realize that solidarity and subjugation are two very different animals.

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