Civility is Not Your Right When Millions Suffer Due to Your Actions

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Aw. My heart bleeds for him. Ha, no it doesn’t not even a smidge.

We could sugarcoat this for ages, but the bottom line is that American politicians expect civility from the public as they commit genocide via austerity measures with the sole purpose of lining the pockets of the already outrageously wealthy.

Seriously? Stay home and heat up a Hungry Man dinner Mitch and the rest of you robber barons. Nobody is going to pretend your office alone commands respect because by ignoring the needs of the American people you yourselves are debasing your position.

And, in any case, we are not serfs holding their Lordships’ piss buckets, grateful for the privilege.

I just thought I’d remind everybody, because in light of recent events it seems like a reality drop-kick might be in order for some.

I don’t know about you, but when I hear average Americans wailing about the absence of civility when lawmakers are approached in public by their angry constituents, I am genuinely perplexed by their concern. You have to wonder where this loyalty springs from, as our legislators generally live in gilded palaces and rarely if ever, engage with the peasants in any meaningful way.

Now, even though they are as inaccessible as good healthcare for the working poor, these chumps control every aspect of our lives. They determine our access to and quality of education. They decide what, if any, kind of medical attention we can get. Their (donor’s) whims dictate how much money we have in our pockets.

Obviously, these annoying ticks on a checklist for them are often a matter of life or death for us. And as income inequality worsens, one simple act of Congress can literally cost thousands of lives.

This is not melodrama; it’s a fact of life during end-stage capitalism.

It’s also a fact that as the country has gone down the crapper and our government has abandoned even the pretense of fairness and justice, the peasants, always the first to feel the pinch, have become increasingly pissed off. This is a natural reaction when you lose all your stuff while a few smug douchebags sit on gold toilets.

In response to growing dissatisfaction with their policies, many legislators acted with epically pathetic cowardice. Some now refuse to hold Town Halls or allow constituents to visit their offices in Congress. In fact, the little bitches will have you escorted out of the Capitol Building like trifling annoyances. Some don’t even accept emails. So your input is not only unwelcome, it’s often not even tolerated.

These star-spangled assholes have nothing but contempt for you. They express it openly and often through everything they say and everything they do. They have no interest in hearing your opinions, or god forbid, complaints.

Question is, why do WE tolerate this?

They are not entitled aristocrats. And we are not mere commoners who are born solely to cater to them as our social “betters” at the expense of our own well-being and happiness.

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Off with you Huckabee-Sanders. We don’t serve your type. Photo by: Business Insider

We are not beholden to wipe their well-born bums.

Just when did we forget these bastards work for us?

C’mon people. These are PUBLIC SERVANTS. No seriously. That’s the job description. So lawmakers should actually welcome the public, i.e., their employers, sharing their thoughts, suggestions, concerns, recipes — whatever they so choose.

And if they receive negative feedback, said lawmaker should critically evaluate their job performance pronto, and not whine at the messenger.

But they shouldn’t even consider, or be allowed to consider, the option of disregarding their constituents desire to engage with their elected officials. It’s the heart of a representative government.

When you are a legislator, your job (supposedly) is to represent and carry out the will of The People. If you’re like most lawmakers and prefer to kiss the ass of corporate America instead and disregard your real bosses’ directives, you must consider that these choices could come back to bite you in the ass.

And so, we find that these amoral lawmakers who are inflicting so much suffering on the American People are being … slightly inconvenienced or mildly embarrassed in public. That’s really pretty much it. Huckabee-Sanders and O’Connell had to have a few late dinners. Brutal.

They used to bring torches and pitchforks to this sort of thing back in the day. It’s so civilized. You’d think we were Canadian.

But even as benign as these encounters have been, there are those slightly demented souls who feel calling out lawmakers during their off-hours is rude at best and “out-of-control” at worst.

We are all entitled to our opinions, of course, but the folks pointing fingers should remember that those being confronted belong to a political party known to support harassing women outside abortion clinics, beating up gays, and grabbing non-consensual pussy.

(Not saying that both parties don’t deserve to be chased down for their political misdeeds. Both are guilty. But that’s a whole other rant.)

And, for all you law and order types, it’s our Constitutional duty as American citizens to confront our lawmakers (or even overthrow the government) when we feel they are guilty of corruption or a dereliction of duty. So, when you look at it from that vantage point, giving ol’ Mitch a hard time is an act of patriotism and American as apple pie.

Works for me.

In any case, we certainly have no moral or ethical responsibility to bow and scrape to elected officials who are only in their current position by OUR grace and favor. They are in our employ, and they need to be reminded of this every day, not just every election cycle.

To believe and to behave as though public officials deserve special deference gives them a power we should never give politicians in a democracy — a sense of superiority.

So chase ’em down. Maybe it’ll catch on like Pokemon Go.

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It’s time, people. Photo by; Paranormal Pop Culture

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