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I can’t even imagine what it must feel like to be you right now, with so many people anxiously awaiting the official announcement of your candidacy.

The anticipation is palpable. It’s coursing through the veins of all who share your vision for a better-for-everybody America. We’re perched on the starting line, just waiting for you to fire the starter’s pistol.

We won’t be heading into your next presidential campaign with the idealistic naivete we did in 2016. We learned some hard lessons, and won’t make the same mistakes again. The veil has been lifted to expose the corruption in our election process. We know the will of the People isn’t even factored in.

But we won’t let that dampen our enthusiasm or drive. We knew meaningful change would be a long, arduous process, not a single event. This is just the beginning of our march towards an America that serves the needs of all, not just the elite.

As we await your decision, you’re probably aware that endless theories are making the rounds about your strategy for holding off an announcement. Some whisper that you may not run at all.

I don’t pretend to know your thought process. But I do know that in the larger scheme of things it makes no difference if you win in 2020 (aside from the immediate disappointment), or even if you run. You have already cemented your place in history as the man who opened millions of eyes and sparked a second American revolution.

If you chose to seek the presidency in 2020, we are all behind you. If you decide to take a pass, we are all behind you.

For over half a century you have given yourself completely to improving the lot of average American, never wavering in your convictions. No matter what the future holds, we love you and thank you for your tireless work on our behalf and sparking the flame that is now the modern Progressive movement.

Your legacy as an American hero is assured, and history will judge you as such.

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