Dear DNC: Thanks For Making Me a Fighter

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C’mon, neo-lib. I DARE YOU. Photo by WBAN Historical Database

Oh, my “beloved” establishment Dems — you never cease to disappoint. Just when I think you’ve collectively sunk to the absolute nadir of human depravity, you go and raise(lower?) that bar again.

But hey, at least you’re consistent. We knew all along there were no tactics too sleazy when limousine liberals and the dumb fucks that love them see their precious privilege threatened.

You don’t have any fucks to give about 70,000 people a year needlessly dying for lack of healthcare as long as you can afford the Lexus and endless vacations. Fuck the environment, fuck the homeless, fuck our kids, fuck our poor, fuck our elderly, fuck our disabled. Your family, friends, and neighbors could literally drop dead at your feet(as they literally are), and you’d just walk over them on your way into Whole Fucking Foods.

This is because you labor under the delusion that you’ve earned these things. Got news for ya. You haven’t. You’re just benefiting from the misery of millions of people who haven’t been as lucky as your entitled, clueless, probably white ass.

And, even though I’ll pretend to be sad when you lose your pensions and savings and homes and cars because some of you are old friends, rest assured I will firmly believe you’re simply getting what you deserve. To be completely honest, I’ll actually enjoy it on several levels. After decades of your self-involved apathy, you deserve to suffer with the rest of us peasants you left to the wolves while you sunned yourself on one of your numerous yearly vacations.

They’ve already bled the working class dry. Middle class — you’re up!

We all know you’re fucking with the primary process again, DNC. It doesn’t take a genius to connect those dots. You’re so cocky you don’t even try to hide it. What you fail to grasp is since the DNC-induced FUBAR of 2016, it’s not just Progressives calling you out on your corruption.

The country as a whole is beginning to take note, even the people who would rather die than admit it publicly.

We see you changing the rules allowing the billionaire bridge troll Fun-Sized Mike to participate in the debate. We see you shutting Tulsi out for no good reason, other than she told you to fuck off in 2016 when you screwed Bernie and exalted the Pantsuit Succubus. We see you stacking the next debate so your latest Anointed One Senile Gropey Joe won’t have to stand behind a podium and debate Bernie Sanders head-on. We see the huge discrepancies between exits polling and the DNC’s numbers.


So know this — if you disregard the will of the People once again it won’t just be this election you’ll lose. This time we’ll destroy what's left of your corporate cock-sucking party.

Fuck around and find out.

And that’s not just a clever slogan any more than Bernie or Bust is.

You’re not intimidating us. The fact that you can only offer up a dementia-addled DINO is proof positive of your desperation. Gropey Joe is clearly suffering from swiftly escalating cognitive impairment. His family and the DNC should be charged with elder abuse. And so should you partisan drones who deny the reality of what’s right in front of your face.

We were prepared for more establishment Dem fuckery. None of the nefarious horseshit you are pulling comes as any surprise. It would’ve been unsettling if you HADN’T cooked the books once again. We came armed for battle. Locked and loaded. Good luck trying to thwart us.

And remember, either way, we win and you lose. We get Bernie or we take the Democratic Party DOWN. All the fucking way down. You’ll need dental records to identify it. Obviously we prefer a fair election process and Bernie, but no matter what, the world will be a better place.

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is a political junkie and history buff randomly alternating between bouts of crankiness and amusement while bearing witness to the Apocalypse. Come along!

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