Dear DNC: You Must Unite Behind Us to Win

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Isn’t it cute how the Democratic Party brass and much of the rank-and-file demand we fall in line? Especially when Independent voters are close to outnumbering BOTH major parties put together?

A bit presumptuous bordering on delusional if you ask me.

The Establishment Dems simply won’t accept that the majority of Americans aren’t passengers on their sinking ship and don’t owe them jackshit, much less a life jacket (i.e., our votes.)

This was their fatal mistake in 2016, and it looks like they’re poised to repeat history. Don’t believe me? Go check out DNC Chair Tom Perez’s nominations for standing committees at the 2020 convention. It looks like a reunion of the Pantsuit Brigade.

I mean — John Podesta? Who do they think they’re shitting? The DNC is drowning in derp and going down for the third time.

So neo-lib Dems — it’s time to sink or swim, and swimming involves facing some uncomfortable facts. Whether Establishment Democrats like it or not, you can’t win this election without the support of Independents who make up almost half of the electorate. This is not my opinion, it’s simple mathematics, so don’t get all pissy with me.

You said you didn’t need our support in 2016. Yet inexplicably, vast battalions of thwarted Hillbots are still crying like little bitches because we didn’t vote for the Pantsuit Succubus. You said you didn’t care. You said you didn’t need us. But here’s the thing — not all of us are big, fat, fucking lying-ass liars. What part of NO MORE CORPORATE NEOLIB DEMS UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES are you struggling with?

Bernie Sanders is the only candidate on your ticket who can win the election. Another Third Way shill guarantees an additional four years under Trump’s demented regime. None of your donor-dicking darlings like Biden have a fraction of Bernie’s base, so questioning his electability is a complete denial of reality.

This is where the Dems need to decide which is more important: keeping your lips firmly attached to 1% ass or actually winning an election …

After 2016 we strongly suspect it will be the former. But make no mistake, the Progressive movement learned a lot from the last election, even if Establishment Democrats did not. We will not be so easily dismissed in 2020. If Regressive Dems insist on following your 2016 playbook, we will make sure you go the way of the Whigs.

You’re not interested in solidarity, you’re demanding subjugation. Democrats scream about voting blue no matter who — unless it’s Bernie, of course. The hypocrisy is breathtaking. Our loyalty is not yours for the taking. A non-Republican does not a Democrat make. Keep rereading that until it becomes real to you.

We know our immense power now. Our sheer numbers alone guarantee we will decide the winner in November.

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Here’s another unsavory fact for the DNC to consider. If every Bernie “Democrat” bailed on the Party today, you’d end up with about twelve people wearing “I’m With Her” t-shirts wondering what in the deep-fried fuck happened. (They’d blame it on Putin or “Bernie Bros” as they are the cause of everything from Trump to rectal warts.)

Speaking of Trump, if the Democrats find the Orange Anal Wart so fucking terrifying (and they must because Trump fear-mongering is basically their entire platform,) you’d think they’d rally to support their strongest candidate. Common sense, right?

Nah. Because they’d rather throw the election to the gelatinous, flatulent turd again than admit their Party is filled with right-wing corporate puppets who are as appealing to voters as the stomach flu. This arrogance cost them the White House in 2016, and in 2020 it could very well cost them their Party.

Unfortunately, things have the potential to get very ugly as we advance closer to November. There’s no doubt that we’ll be facing more outright lies about our movement from corporate-sponsored candidates and their MSM toadies. More convention fuckery and election fraud in 2020 are more probable than not.

But THIS time, if you use that most undemocratic tool of political fuckery known as Supdelegates (the practice specifically put in place to kneecap grassroots candidates)this summer’s DNC convention will make 1968’s look like a garden party.

Remember kids: ONE superdelegate vote can erase 10,000 votes from We the People. We saw this in 2016 as many supers ignored the will of the American People to appease their corporate donors. We will not stand for such injustice ever again.

Not once during the course of human history has the elite class willingly bowed to the inevitable without being forced to by violent insurrection. Not. Once.

Losing an election fair and square is one thing. But having it stolen by voter suppression and ballot tampering is not democracy and will not be borne.

We see you Democratic Party. As the song says, We Won’t Be Fooled Again. Either rally behind us for a win or watch your already floundering party die a much-deserved death. You cannot win without the support of Indy Progressives. And we will not fall in line for corruption.

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