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He’s smarter than you.

OK “Vote Blue No Matter Who We Screw” adherents, here’s a fact you’ll just have to either deal with or die mad about: I’m voting for Progressive candidates and Progressive candidates only. If none are available, I will not settle for the least shitty of the bunch and consider myself noble for doing so, because being bullied into accepting evil as opposed to EVIL is not an admirable trait.

Voting for someone that you know is a scumbag just because he’s supposedly less of a scumbag than the other scumbag makes you an idiot, not a patriot.

Dont like my ‘tude? Then get off your ass and help us change the system that leads to this mindset instead of vote-shaming and vote-blaming. And don’t kid yourself for a minute — millions have come to the same decision I have for the same reasons.

THEY aren’t going to welcome, never mind initiate change, because the system as we know it works beautifully for them. It’s up to us, those most adversely affected, to break the cycle.

If we keep accepting the candidates backed by corporate oligarchs, the duopoly has no incentive to heed the will of The People, and fledgling political parties will never have the chance they deserve to grow and flourish. Until we start voting more like informed consumers and less like Stockholm Syndrome victims we still remain prisoners to the elites, and our situation will only worsen. Yes, it can get worse.

The stakes are far too high for this “Vote Blue No Matter Who” horseshit. The only difference between the DNC and the GOP is gay wedding cake. If you’re too blinded by partisanship to realize you’re being played by BOTH parties, then you’re far too stupid to enter a voting booth.

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Yes, I called you stupid, so I must be a Russian troll. I hear that all day long. Slight pause while I sob delicately into my lace hanky.

So, once again, and just to be clear — no right-wing or neo-liberal — or right-wing neo-liberal — candidate will ever get my vote. If this offends you, coax your Party elites to offer an actual alternative to “those guys,” that puts the best interests of the American People first over kissing the asses of wealthy corporate donors and lining their own pockets.

Until lesser-evilism fans are prepared to offer up some new solutions instead of insisting on voting in the same sociopaths that have led to our current dismal state of affairs, please shut your derp-holes. It’s tiresome and beyond disheartening to hear such idiocy. And I said please.

Feel free to deliver any complaints to that brick wall over there. And bang your neo-lib melon into it repeatedly while you’re at it. It might shake some residual common sense loose. And even if it doesn’t, it’s a risk I’m willing to take.

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is a political junkie and history buff randomly alternating between bouts of crankiness and amusement while bearing witness to the Apocalypse. Come along!

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