Debunking Five More Rock and Roll Myths

Grab your urban legend detector

Kathy Copeland Padden
4 min readMay 26


Sniff, sniff. I smell bullshit

There are so many stories from Planet Rock that everyone blindly accepts as factual. This, of course, does not make it so. Many of the most enduring rock and roll legends have little, if any, basis in reality.

But when has a reality bitchslap ever stopped the spread of malicious gossip?

Yeah, never. But that’s why I’ve gathered you all here today.

Mick, Marianne, a Mars bar, and a bunch of crooked cops

When British police raided Redlands, Keith Richards’ country home, on February 12, 1967, all the occupants were coming down from a day of frolicking in nature. And acid. They were also coming down from acid. Leave it to a bunch of crooked British cops to harsh everyone’s mellow.

After the highly sus raid on Redlands, notorious scandal sheet “News of the World” (who tipped off the cops in the first place) breathlessly described Marianne Faithfull, Mick Jagger’s girlfriend, as a mysterious “Girl in a Bearskin Rug.” The implication being she was a dirty, contemptible slut, of course. What other kind of girl would parade around naked as a jaybird in front of the Rolling Stones?

*raises hand*

Don’t judge me.

So, was Marianne naked and wrapped in a fur rug? Well, yeah. She was fresh out of the bath, and single guys (even rich ones) in their 20s aren’t real big on guest towels. Or towels at all for that matter.

And the claim that Marianne had a Mars bar protruding from her lady bits? That’s just plain silly and too dopey to dignify with a lengthy rebuttal.

The sad thing is Marianne believes that the Redlands Raid was the beginning of the end for her relationship with Mick, and that’s a damn shame. They were so cute together, but Marianne deserved better than the serial philanderer Mick.

Paul is dead



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