Democrat Entitlement: We Don’t Owe You Squat

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HEY! BERNIE SANDERS JUST WALKED IN! Someone get this crazy bitch off stage left. Security!” Photo by:CNN


Why is it that whenever anyone makes a statement critical of the Democratic Party there’s an immediate centrist chorus of “don’t eat our young!” or “we need to remain united!” or that old standby, “you must be a Putin-loving Russian troll-bot.” (They caught me!)

Is anyone else mind blown at the unbelievable arrogance of these kind of statements? Why would a Democrat automatically assume anyone who’s not a registered Republican will flock to their banner? Rejecting one half of the oligarchy does not denote support for the other half. You both suck.

How is this hubris justified?

That goes to a candidate with an actual platform. Anti-Trump hysteria and RUSSIA is not going to sway me, so do better. A lot better.

You know, consider addressing actual issues. Take a stand for something other than your corporate donors. You’ll be amazed at the results.

There’s no incentive to coddle or protect the Democratic Party. What have they done to deserve unflinching loyalty? Have they brokered world peace? Did they start handing out Healthcare?

I must have been absent that day.

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Thanks, Hillsy.

There’s no reason for me to suppress my very-valid concerns because the establishment Dems are afraid of losing. Again. Still? Let’s go with “still.”

In any case, its not my fucking problem. It’s theirs.

It’s up to the Democratic Party to meet the demands of We the People, not the other way around. If the DNC chooses not to play ball, I choose to cast my vote elsewhere.

Look. If I wanted to vote for the Republican Party I’d just go ahead and do it. Why would I support the GOP Lite that only offers abortion (for some) fewer guns (at least in theory), and endless bickering about who pees in what restroom? (Look. I don’t give a flipping fuck what you’re packing in your pants. Just hurry up - I need to GO.)

Many Americans have completely understandable trust issues with the DNC, especially after 2016. Someone actually suggested today that we remain silent and let these idiotic new “concessions” (you know, we’ll eliminate your votes via superdelegates in the second round instead of the first) “play out” in 2020 before we get salty or suspicious or anything completely justifiable like that.

It’s funny because it’s true. Some people really are that delusional. And that’s the fundamental problem with the Democratic Party. Just like the Republicans, they refuse to accept that the world is changing.

Oligarchs in blue are still oligarchs, and those who support establishment Dems like Pelosi are delusional to the power of a gazillionty.

We all haven’t all partaken of the Vote Blue No Matter Who Kool-Aid. Nor are we in any way obligated to.

Grow a spine, Dems - and a platform. A progressive one. And instead of your usual lip service, follow through on it. I triple-dog-dare you.

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Waaaaaaaaaaay over there.

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