Democrats: “The Boy Who Cried Trump”

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The word vomit from centrist Dems since Trump announced his intention to end U.S. involvement in Syria has been appalling. Using the Kurds as a human shield between themselves and objectivity, they wail and whine that 45 is putting us in GRAVE DANGER by suggesting we end an unwinnable war.

Who’s the what now?

Now, I hate the Orange Anal Wart as much as any sane person does. But having no Party loyalty I can appreciate this development for what it is — a very good thing. Ending war is an extremely positive development no matter how much you personally dislike the instigator of the idea.

There’s a slew of legitimate reasons to criticize Trump. You can take your pick from a broad and distressing array of issues hurting the American People. At the same time he’s pulling us out of Syria he’s the slashing the SNAP program as well. I think it’s worth noting I haven’t seen a single centrist Dem voice any protest over that.

And the Democrats needn’t worry about their source of never-ending vitriol drying up any time in the near future. Thanks to the DNC’s refusal to learn any lessons from the shit show that was 2016, we’ll almost certainly be treated to another four years of Trump.

And this is why I just can’t with these establishment Dems on the subject of withdrawing our troops from Syria. Blind partisanship has rendered them incapable of seeing the peaceful forest for their self-absorbed trees. Orange Anal Wart brokering peace BAD. Obama bombing over seven countries GOOD. Because he’s a Democrat, and when Democrats engage in genocidal atrocities they're saintly humanitarians.

But here’s the thing. You can’t be anti-war one day and hawkish the next. It’s like being a little pregnant. There is no wiggle room here.

It’s particularly reprehensible because it’s driven solely by political contrarianism. I’d bet my life on one thing — if Obama had done the same, the Democrats would have adorned his feet with rose petals, fanned him with grape leaves, and worshiped him as a demi-god.

And please. Don’t even attempt to deny that. Everyone outside your cozy neo-liberal safe space (and probably some on the inside, too) knows this is the bottom line. If you're mourning the departure of a murdering thug named “Maddog” (who never met a bloody conflict he didn’t like), you need to reexamine your Party’s motives and priorities. And your own.

At this point, the establishment Democrats have no Party identity outside of Trump animosity. Their knee-jerk nay-say reaction to any positive ideas or actions by anyone but themselves point to a dementedly lopsided view on events at home and abroad.

A prime example of this phenomenon is the neo-liberal Awww, How Cute! Circle Jerk over Michelle Obama and Dubya’s oh-so-adorable candy ritual. Take a look. See the warm familiarity? That’s because they are all complicit. The GOP and DNC leaders don’t hate each other. They are collectively protecting their money piles as members of the elite class. WE are their common enemy.

So, while you’re cooing and melting, you may want to take note that the wife of one war-mongerer is coddling the architect of the unwinnable war you hate. Until the “other side” mentions taking decisive action to end it, that is.

So congratulations centrist Democrats. You managed to confirm your motives can’t be trusted on any issue due to cult-like partisanship. You’ve been “The Boy Who Cried Trump”(and Russia, lol) one too many times, and will never be taken seriously by anyone outside your bubble again.

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