Facebook and Your Employer: Should They Peruse Your Dank Memes and Cat Photos?

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But you shouldn’t have to.

I recently saw a meme that really got under my skin.

It depicted a young person in the process of a job interview. The poor bastard looked utterly horrified as his prospective employer brought up the applicant’s Facebook page, which boasted a bold FUCK THE SYSTEM status.

The inference is that this unlucky fellow is going to be shown the door. And he probably would.

Now, why is this?

Can they sneak an unofficial peek? Sure, especially if it’s a public profile. And will they? Probably. But should an “acceptable” (define acceptable, right?) Facebook page, be it public, friends only, or on total lock down, be fair game for prospective employers?

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I was young. I needed the money.

Hell, no. And should any employer or potential employer have the right to have access to your personal page if it’s not set to “public?”

Hell, no again. Why do so many people today just accept relentless and unwanted surveillance from their employers(and government) as the norm?

No corporation or employer is buying YOU, they are renting your skills. They are not hiring your politics, or your sick sense of humor, or your recipe for chocolate mayonnaise cake. These things are not relevant to one’s ability to perform their job duties.

Technology is awesome in so many ways, but it’s made it incredibly easy for employers to pass judgment on your private life and opinions. Many people clean up or delete their pages when seeking new employment, and the fact that they feel they have to do this is reprehensible.

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Even us serfs are entitled to privacy during the precious time spent outside the workplace, and that includes online.

They do not own us.

But how can an employer protect themselves from hiring dangerous weirdos? Same way they always have, by running a CORI and carefully checking references. Like the beginning of any relationship, hiring new employees is always a crap shoot.

And the brand-new hire is risk-taking as well. How do they know that they won’t be downsized out of a job or that their positions won’t be outsourced?

Some large corporations are implanting microchips under their employees’ skin, and most workers simply submit. I totally get the needing a gig part of acquiescence, but what of the long run?

This is some seriously dystopian shit going down, but it’s meekly accepted by the masses in fear of losing their paychecks.

So we’re forced to keep sacrificing our rights and our dignity to pay the bills.

Little by little, day by day, more of our freedoms and protections become just a memory under our increasingly authoritarian government. Our own apathetic unwillingness to address the slide into full-blown fascism will undoubtedly spell our eventual doom. It’s just a matter of when.

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