Give Me a Plan, Stan

Kathy Copeland Padden
4 min readFeb 28, 2019
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OK, you guys are going to have to help me out here. And by “you guys” I mean those on the left renouncing Bernie Sanders like a baby refusing strained peas. (I’ve given up on trying to reason with establishment Democrats. Bad for the ol’ blood pressure.)

Anyway —

What is it, exactly, that vexes you so about Bernie?

Do you take issue with our tax dollars being used to the advantage of the American people instead of adding to our over-stuffed war chest, or providing endless corporate tax breaks for our beleaguered multi-millionaires?

Is there a problem with your friends, family, and neighbors living their lives with dignity instead of the constant fear of financial ruin thanks to medical bills? Always dreading an illness that would cost them everything they’ve worked their whole lives for? Why would you begrudge any fellow American decent healthcare like the rest of the free world has?

Oops. Your insurance sucks. Off you go.

Or do you take offense to young people having access to free college and trade school, so the poor don’t feel that they have to join the military to obtain a shot at a decent education?

And why don’t you want people who are busting their asses to make a living wage? Do you believe some people simply deserve to live in poverty?

Spite, ignorance — what? Because workable solutions to these urgent issues are just a sampling of the appetizers on Bernie’s table.

And if you despise Sanders but believe in his most of his platform (you know, the one that other candidates like to talk about without actually walking the walk), what is YOUR plan to ensure the American People not only HAVE a voice in government but ARE the voice of government?

“Well, first we’ll bitch and complain … and then. Well, that's it.” Photo by

Lay it on me, kids. Show me a viable roadmap. Because just being anti-Bernie isn’t helpful to this country. You need to have a better case than … well, quite honestly, nothing. Tell me what are you FOR (we already know what you’re against), and…



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