Happy Birth Year to Me

Twenty, count ‘em, twenty groovy jams from 1965

Kathy Copeland Padden
6 min readJun 5


The baby blobette 1965 Photo by Kathy Copeland Padden

1965 was a damn fine year to arrive on the planet. 1965’s musical cornucopia is an embarrassment of riches, so naturally that’s when I chose to enter this vale of tears. I’d even opine that 1965 was the height of the 1960s’ musical brilliance and innovation. Because if I have to reincarnate, I’m doing it during a period of excellent tune-age.

*A moment of silence for the youngsters born during the WAP era, the poor dears*

My Generation

The Who

Back when Boomers sang about being Boomers without whining or blaming the young folk for all the world’s ills. As the years pass, “Hope I die before I get old” sounds less rebellious and more like a quaint relic from the days we could get out of a chair without grunting.

But, back in the day, it was an iconic song of youthful rebellion if there ever was one.

Unchained Melody

The Righteous Brothers

Undisputedly one of the most beautiful songs ever unleashed upon an undeserving world. I’m not even gonna gush over this further. We all know Unchained Melody is in a league of its own.

It’s The Same Old Song

The Four Tops

Motown ruled the airwaves in 1965 thanks to well-crafted and danceable hits like It’s The Same Old Song. Even when recorded in mono, Motown tracks had such a big, bodacious sound.



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