Having Already Tainted “Liberal,” Democrats Are Highjacking “Progressive”

Just what in the silly senile fuck is the Brunch Bunch smoking?

To preface my rant(that has been simmering for weeks), let’s begin by reviewing what the word Progressive actually means, shall we? And before the Brunch Bunch goes into pissy-hissy mode, keep in mind this isn't my definition of what Progressive politics should look like; it’s the damn dictionary:

PROGRESSIVE: favoring or advocating progress, change, improvement, or reform, as opposed to wishing to maintain things as they are, especially in political matters: a progressive mayor. (Dictionary.com)


Got it?


Then you understand the non-biased, textbook definition of “progressive” is the complete antithesis of President-elect Biden’s promise to his corporate overlords that “nothing will fundamentally change,” right? No room or need for debate here. It’s pretty cut-and-dried.

But we must remember that establishment Dems have elevated self-delusion to an art form. The mental gymnastics required to consider Biden, or any other corporate Democrat, a “Progressive” must be exhausting.

I am completely disgusted with the self-proclaimed “Progressive" faction of the Brunch Bunch deifying a racist rapist. You know, the guy they swore had their support only because “we HAVE to ditch Trump." The poor dears had no choice! They had to vote for Sniffy McGropey! They are brave, bold pragmatists saving Democracy! And an incoherent perv named Joe will lead us to victory!

Just ask them. The Dems will be happy to tell you how their benevolent selves and a dude with dementia are gonna fix all your problems, like it or not:

See, this, right here, is why people despise neoliberal Democrats. The patronizing and self-congratulatory tone is enough to make anyone lose their fucking lunch. Especially since their Senile Savior has made it perfectly clear he does not support any of the empty promises made above.

Granted, listening to a gaggle of Karens and Chads rationalize their vote for a guy worse than Trump can be mildly amusing. But since we are dealing with the shittiest of shitlibs here, it gets real old, real fast.

So let’s make this perfectly clear: if you voted for the Blue Rapist as opposed to the Red Rapist and are patting yourself on the back for it, do NOT call yourself a Progressive. Because you most definitely are NOT.

You are regressive.

If you’re still nauseous that you pulled the lever for Biden there’s hope for you yet. Photo by the Guardian

There’s no such thing as a Progressive Democrat in any case. It’s a classic contradiction in terms, like Compassionate Conservative. I’m not saying they don't exist, but they're almost hunted to extinction by the Obamas and Clintons and Pelosis and Schumers. Truly Progressive Democrats are as scarce as unicorn poop.

Be forewarned that history will not judge you well, Brunch Bunch. Nor will your children and grand-grandchildren, who will suffer the consequences of your moral cowardice. You are dooming them to a dystopian hellhole of your own creation. Knowingly and willingly. Why wouldn’t they hate you?

And I’m not the only one who shares this sentiment, so don’t delude yourself into believing I’m the exception when I am, most assuredly, the rule.

You will be reviled for generations to come if there even are generations to come, thanks to your selfishly short-sighted behavior.

Here's to smug self-satisfaction! Photo by Shutterstock

THAT will be your legacy.

If you push the “Vote Blue No Matter Who We Screw” narrative instead of tackling the issues, you’re about as far from being a Progressive as it gets. Actual Progressives prefer solution-oriented activism and abhor the voter blame-and-shame game.

Neoliberals heavily rely on bullying in lieu of a platform, which is why they could barely beat the most reviled president in modern American history. No-one appreciates manipulation, scare tactics, and insults. This is evident at the polls.

“Incremental change” is the neoliberal modus operandi. And yet, establishment Dems rarely deliver on the actionable promises they yammer on about during their campaigns. Not even at the incremental snail’s pace.

Sure you are, Sniffy. Sure you are.

And now, the Democratic string-pullers have no impetus to make concessions. Zero. They know most Americans will eventually do what they're told, even if it will adversely affect millions of lives.

We needed to hold the line. We needed to take advantage of our formidable numbers. How do you get over watching people you've fought with for years cave under the slightest amount of adversity? It was just as demoralizing as watching Bernie wuss out, if not more so.

These were allies, comrades, and friends who sold us down the river so they can very temporarily enjoy a respite from their all-encompassing fear. They can afford to do that, at least in the short term, thanks to the privilege they accuse their less fortunate brethren of having when we demand economic and social justice.

This country needs real systemic change, not the ramblings of a doddering old sexual predator. We’ve already tried that with disastrous results, remember?

But I get it too. REAL change takes REAL courage and commitment. On Planet Democrat, they prefer empty platitudes, which rarely result in any kind of follow-through. These people value their own comfort over anything or anyone else, and change takes … effort.

Democratic Party members (and their apologists) are perfectly OK with the DNC’s notorious hypocrisy and corruption because of this philosophical affinity. It complements their own propensity for hypocritical shadiness, so they feel right at home.

Until the next election rolls around that is. Then the Fauxgressives will tell you once again that the lesser evil is the best you can hope for.

And if you continue to fall for it, they’ll be right, and we’ll keep winding up with shitbags like … this.

is a political junkie and history buff randomly alternating between bouts of crankiness and amusement while bearing witness to the Apocalypse. Come along!

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