Here I am Stuck in the Supposed Middle With You Damn Regressive Democrats

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Begin rant:

I’m completely disgusted by establishment Democrats and their dipshit assertion that continued austerity for the poor and working-class is the best path forward. I’m even more disgusted by rank-and-file Dems claiming they champion the very people their Party is selling down the river in favor of placating their corporate benefactors.

How tone-deaf and blinded by partisanship are you to believe the epically unsuccessful DNC philosophy of mimicking the GOP has any value at all for the American People?

In case it isn’t already obvious, we have two right-wing parties dominating the American political landscape. If you haven’t figured out that “centrist” is simply code for corporatist (and another less family-friendly C-word rhyming with “punt”) you don’t understand the problem.

The establishment Democrats are desperately trying to pass themselves off as the Party they were in 1960. The irony is that the present-day DNC and a good chunk of the rank-and-file are politically to the right of Reagan. The Democratic Party of old has morphed into the GOP’s complicit toadie, and no amount of indignant Dem denial changes that fact.

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Oh ffs, Warren is NOT A PROGRESSIVE. Photo by Playbuzz

And c’mon. Establishment Democrat Trump Derangement Syndrome is reaching pandemic proportions. Yet when you consider the DNC logic involved, it’s pretty easy to see why. Bottom line is, if you have a comprehensive platform focused on lifting up struggling Americans, you don’t need a boogeyman. The DNC can’t (actually won’t) reel in voters with a comprehensive, progressive plan to turn the ship around, so they rely on fearmongering and guilt-tripping instead. Someone needs to alert the Dems that using the same tactics that cost them the election in 2016 really isn’t the brightest move.

And before anyone gets triggered, I’m certainly not saying that the Orange Anal Wart isn't reprehensible. That goes without saying, but whining about how much 45 sucks doesn't do jackshit to address the issues that made his presidency not only possible but inevitable.

Independents aren’t going to do your bidding no matter how much you kick and scream, Democrats. We aren’t afraid of Trump. We’re well aware that without his fuckery millions more would've remained complacent and apathetic, happy to die a slow, neoliberal death.

And because we

  1. Have no loyalty, never mind blind loyalty, to your Party since we don’t belong to it.
  2. Owe the Democratic Party nada as we are not members.
  3. Hence, we don’t care if your Party deservedly goes down in flames for subverting the will of the People you pretend to advocate for.
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You’re both gross. Photo by Latinos Ready to Vote

And please. Spare us the “Bernie supporters are big meanie-heads so I’ll continue to vote against my own and everyone else’s best interests” spiel. Your motivation is beyond transparent. If you can’t find fault (as hard as you try)with the one candidate motivated to right the wrongs, target your ire on his supporters.

Here’s a stunning revelation: Even Berners don’t always like every other Berner they run across. I know I don’t. But that has nothing to do with politics and everything to do with human nature. If you claim that you like or can even tolerate everyone who shares your political leanings, well, you're a big, fat lying liar.

Also, it’s pretty funny how you’ll reject Bernie’s candidacy because he’s “not a real Democrat,” yet still expect millions of avowed non-Democrats to unquestioningly drink your blue Koolaid. If you can explain the logic behind this, please do. I could use a good laugh.

But the real icing on the corporate Democrat cake is the willingness to let it all burn down rather than embracing the change needed to avert certain disaster. Change is too scary. Total annihilation is far more preferable than dismantling the oligarchy.

Yeah! Vote blue no matter who! What have we got to lose, except everything?

I’ll pass. Unless it’s Bernie.

Try not to fuck everything up again Blue Dogs. And if you do, you need look no further than the nearest mirror to behold the culprit.

End rant.

For now.

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is a political junkie and history buff randomly alternating between bouts of crankiness and amusement while bearing witness to the Apocalypse. Come along!

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