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Barry, Barry, Barry. I wish I could say your enthusiastic cheerleading for the oligarchy at the expense of the American People comes as a surprise, but it doesn’t.

So humor me. Why, pray tell, is it unacceptable when the Rabble clamors for the basic human rights other first-world countries have enjoyed for decades? Or is it more that you and your fellow elites recoil at our insolence? I’ll bet you have a pretty snazzy healthcare plan paid for by us, the aforementioned Rabble. Funny how that works.

But you guys are better than us poors and, after all, if your existence isn’t enriching the oligarchy, you deserve to die anyway. You couldn’t give a deep-fried fuck about our people unnecessarily dropping like flies from lack of medical care.

The Establishment Dem Healthcare plan. Photo by

You know this is some bullshit right there, but happily push a false narrative to protect the interests of the Ruling Class, of which you’re obviously a member. You deliver your fuck-the-plebs rhetoric in such a silky, smooooooth manner, Barry. If anyone can convince the Rabble that Single Payer Healthcare is un-American Commie bullshit — it’s you.

Now, what does Obama’s scolding Progressives tell you about the current mindset of Establishment Democrats?

They are scared shitless, that’s what it tells you. And because the DNC doubled down on the nonsense that cost them the election in 2016, the rank-and-file are forced to look on with impotent rage as their neoliberal utopia is dismantled piece by piece.

Meanwhile, the movement that you belittled and mocked, (and Obama is trying so hard to denigrate,) has grown from a barely perceptible ripple to an unstoppable Progressive tsunami.

Just call me Tsunami Alex Photo by Associated Press

And c’mon Barry. You’ve studied history. You’re obviously up on current events. So let’s get real. The faction you accuse of being “too far left” are right-leaning centrists by the rest of the world’s reckoning.

Progressives are appalled by how far the Democratic Party has strayed from its New Deal values. The values you insist the Party still upholds. But alas, your collective words, and more importantly actions, indicate otherwise.

So Listen up Mr. False Hope and No Change — no-one’s buying what you’re selling, aside from your squealing groupies more enthralled by your identity than your integrity.

Here are some numbers for you. Almost half of American voters are unaffiliated Independents, and simple mathematics prove you cannot win without us. You may not like it, but you can’t deny it.

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You guys REALLY should be nicer to us.

And, you better sit down for this one, Barry — most Americans, no matter their political preferences, DO want to tear down the current system. Why? Because the current system only works for rich fucks like you. You stating otherwise proves just how out-of-touch and disingenuous you are.

Continuously repeating a lie does not render it true. 2016 should’ve taught you that, but it’s apparent you neoliberals masquerading as Champions of the People haven’t learned jackshit. The huge SCREW YOU from us all the last time you tried to shame us into settling for your crumbs should make you pause for reflection.

It doesn’t though because you firmly believe we owe you our votes.

We don’t.

But your arrogance doesn’t allow for introspection or re-evaluation of a bum plan. So, instead of heeding the will of the voters, you employ baseless fear tactics extolling the absolute horror of taxpayer money being used for their own benefit for things like healthcare and college. After all, those lobbyist pockets aren’t gonna line themselves.

The fact that the DNC keeps hauling out Mr. False Hope and No Change is very telling. They’re hoping that their usual fall-back position — patronizing finger-wagging — is more palatable coming from Barry than that pantsuit-sporting succubus You-Know-Who.

It’s not.

We deny you everything you pay for us to have! It’s fun! Photo by South China Morning Post

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