Hillary Clinton: Lady Bountiful on Your Dime

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Except for politicians. We get Cadillac coverage until we keel.

First off, it’s a sad fact of modern life that while reading any major news story you are compelled to Google pertinent facts and figures to determine its veracity.

Is this satire? That’s the first mystery to be solved.

I found that a necessary precaution while sifting through the new stories celebrating Hillary Clinton urging her supporters to donate to a crowd source campaign for the astronomical medical expenses of a former HFA staffer.

I’m not going to sugarcoat the ramifications of HRC’s actions and attitude in this situation. But I’m more than happy to give it an unsweetened shot.

It’s indicative of elitist entitlement and insensitivity that almost defies description.

How do you, in good conscience, encourage a struggling populace to foot the bill for one of your most dedicated staffers when you yourself are worth 45 million dollars (according to Forbes in November 2017)?

Equally revolting is the fact that Clinton came out strong against Universal Health Care in 2016. She blatantly scoffed at proponents of MFA, telling them in no uncertain terms that it would “never, ever happen”, and famously likened providing basic healthcare to giving every American a pony.

Condescending, patronizing, and bitchy. All the hallmarks of a typical HRC pronouncement to the peasants.

So, it’s no secret Clinton does not feel all Americans deserve adequate health care, no matter how many citizens are in total disagreement with her position. She made this crystal-clear during her disastrous presidential campaign.

After all, neo-liberal Democrats know what’s best for us much better than we do. We need to remain silent and docile as “our betters” decide our fate. See: Superdelegates canceling out your votes.

Which still leaves far too many of us, like Hillary’s cancer-ravaged minion, losing everything they’ve worked a lifetime for if a major illness befalls them or a family member.

That would be “Insurance Company Care.”

Politically powerful right-wing elites aren’t phased by this. At all. Predatory Capitalism will always come first over the welfare of the American people. And hell, they have the best health care OUR money can buy.

So, Hillary spews some lame platitudes about how well this man served Her Royal Highness and then encourages the drowning-in-debt masses to foot this poor fellow’s medical bills.

Are you kidding you septic, self-serving shrew? You are worth 45 million dollars. 45 MILLION.

Here’s a novel idea. Why don’t YOU cough up the dough to save the life of this dedicated member of your campaign? You could very easily do so. But instead, you and Chelsea choose to pat yourselves on the back for directing people to his Go Fund Me campaign instead.

Yeah, thanks Lady Bountiful.

There’s also a more substantial and dangerous dynamic at play here as well. Establishment Democrats, just like the GOP, look at crowd sourcing platforms as an acceptable way to circumvent the need for Universal Health Care.

Let the plebs foot the bill for the un- or under-insured in our country. If you need care go to your already-strapped fellow citizens because heaven knows it’s not the government’s responsibly to protect the well-being of the People.

*Unless they are multi-millionaires of course. They have their own set of rules.

So shut the hell up Hillary. Every time you open your shrill lie-hole you further drive the point home what an unfeeling, despicable excuse for a human being you really are.

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I’m with Hillary! And Goldman Sachs, and Morgan Stanley, and Time Warner, and …

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