I Will Never Vote Democrat Ever Again

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Here's the deal.

From this point on, I won’t vote for any candidate seeking higher office running on the Democratic ticket. They will not get my support for any reason, no matter who the candidate is.

Yes, that includes Nina Turner.

“But why, Kathy? I thought you loved Nina?”

Because, sooner or later, you need to walk away from one-sided, abusive relationships. And it’s already way past later.

The Democratic Party cannot be rehabilitated.

I repeat, the Democratic cannot be rehabilitated.

Democrats wouldn’t know a fair primary election if it bit them on the bum. Your vote equals jackshit and the DNC openly admits this. Backroom deals are just part of their charter, and they reserve the right to ignore the will of the voters by installing their own hand-picked candidate.

Running on the Democratic ticket, no matter the reason, makes Nina complicit in their fuckery. The Party isn’t loyal to the people. Nina knows this and is choosing to aid and abet the DNC instead of fighting them.

Is this Nina’s intent? I sure hope not, but 2020 has taught me never to assume any politician's motives are benevolent. I’m far less likely to extend the political benefit of the doubt than I was even four short years ago. Activists who were demanding basic human rights alongside me for years are now Fauxgressives Building Back Better.


The Democrats have had at least half a century to get their shit together and be the good guys, Instead, they severed ties with their Blue Collar base while still pretending to be the champion of the working class. You can only pull that off so long.

Sooner or later, you gotta cut your losses and learn your lesson about repeatedly rewarding bad behavior. This is precisely why the DNC brazenly ignores the will of The People. The masses allow them too.

We have been promised no fundamental change during a Sniffy McGropey/Mocha Hillary administration. Just what the hell are you celebrating, exactly? That the country will be run into the ground, but at least not by Trump? That our authoritarian V.P. elect has a vagina and brown skin?

Not a peep about policy.

We won’t change the corrupt system by participating in it. It's impossible to change the Democratic Party from the inside. There was a time I had high hopes that we could stage a hostile takeover and have instant party infrastructure. When I think about it now, I’m all cringy at my naive doofiness.

What possessed me to believe that the DNC would allow TRUE Progressives to over-run their corporate-backed goldmine? I thought the Democrats would embrace progressive policies because that's what the voters demanded. Isn't that adorable?

That’s never going to happen. Never, ever, ever. I know this now. The elections of 2016 and 2020 have made that crystal clear.

Your vote for a Democrat in a high-level position is just positive reinforcement for further corruption. They suffer no undesirable consequences for their treachery (quite the contrary), so why would they feel compelled to change? After all, endless payouts to the 1% and death by austerity for the rest of us suits their purposes quite nicely.

And before anyone whines how I’m not slamming the GOP who are just as guilty, consider this:

The Republican Party makes no bones about their love affair with the rich and powerful. In fact, it’s pretty much what they campaign on. The GOP isn’t pretending to be my friend, unlike the DNC that likes to claim FDR and JFK as their own while pissing on their legacies.

Call mr crazy, but I would rather take a punch to the face than a knife in the back. I prefer facing a painful truth than being placated with a comforting lie.

Hey! The Dems fuck us over even worse than the GOP! I’m SO gonna keep voting for them! That’ll learn ' em!"

Not this girl. Fool me once, bleah bleah bleah, fool me twice, bleah bleah bleah. (Hey, cliches are cliches for a reason.)

And sorry Fauxgressives, my decision isn’t sour grapes no matter how hard you try spinning it as such. I wanted both teams to lose. Still do. I don’t belong to the Democratic Party or any other for that matter. Getting mad at Independents and Lefties who won’t support neoliberal policies is like slamming the Campfire Girls for not selling Girl Scout cookies.

Why would you even expect that?

Oh, that’s right. Your massive undeserved sense of entitlement.

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