Ignoring a Problem Doesn’t Solve It

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Common sense, right?

You would think, but then you’re treated to the spectacle of grown-ass adults ignoring or denying unpleasant facts that don’t jibe with their personal biases. Hourly. Damn, it’s tiring.

It’s endemic among low-information voters, which sadly is most of them. If you’re on my team, you’re good. If you’re not, you’re bad. We’ll just sit and await instructions from our party leaders like good little drones.

Why is this? Why do people relinquish their free will and critical thinking skills?

I was recently told by a centrist Dem to die in a fire. All because she didn’t appreciate me pointing out Dream Boy Beto’s damning donor list and Congressional voting record. Another prime example of the Dem credo “when they go low, we go high” credo in action. Actually, a more truthful statement is “when they go low, we redefine the word low and say hold my beer.”

If you don’t agree that Democratic presidential candidates (or any candidates) deserve to be vetted, you are nothing more than a brainwashed cultist who cannot be taken seriously. Factual evidence trumps blind faith (which is what partisan politics really are) every time, and twice on Sunday.

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The mindset that supports shooting the messenger is the same thought process that accepts the Russia narrative. Which is intellectually lazy, and uninterested in any concrete evidence pointing away from their comfortable preconceptions.

But here’s the thing. If you’re angry at those pointing out your candidate’s abysmal voting record and/or eyebrow-raising donor list (all readily available for public perusal) your ire is completely misdirected.

If a politician’s actions are reprehensible, that’s obviously on them. Well, it’s obvious to most of us. If scrutiny offends (and scares)you so, expect better from your candidates instead of insisting voters turn a blind eye.

A prime example of this is centrist Dems blowing a gasket over the American public rejecting HRC in 2016. “But you have to vote for the fire-breathing Dragon Lady or the downfall of western civilization will be your fault! Trump! Russia!”

What they fail to recognize is that the downfall of western civilization was set in motion long ago by just the type of sleazebag they are championing. Much easier to drink the Party kool-aid and blame the inevitable poor outcome on anyone discerning enough to avoid partisanship.

So no, sorry lady, I won’t die in a fire for your party’s convenience. I will live on to call out right-wing Fauxgressives whenever and wherever I find them. Don’t like it? Don’t care.

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