I’ll Take “Dumb Shit Dems Do” for $1000 Alex

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Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

Democrats Deem Democracy Too Taxing and Eliminate Any Trace of it From Their Party!


Just when you think the Democratic Party simply couldn't get more cartoonishly self-sabotaging, they raise the bar for derpity-derp yet again.

In a stunning display of desperation, the DCCC has decided to implement a long-standing but largely ignored policy of officially eradicating Party vendors that support any candidate challenging an incumbent.

Yep. You heard that right. The Democrats have decided to erase any lingering vestige of democracy from their floundering Party. Not too surprising from the bunch that gave us super-delegates and rigged primaries I suppose.

But still — has anyone informed these clowns that Congress isn’t a lifetime appointment? It’s not a fucking knighthood.

If you don’t do the job — you’re out. Don’t like it? Find another gig. Just like us peasants are expected to do. What a revolutionary concept, huh?

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Apparently optics mean diddly-squat when compared to the looming threat of more uppity newbies like Alexandria Ocasio actually doing what they were elected to do. For any establishment Democrats reading, that means acting on behalf of The People, not the lobbyists who call you guys their bitch.

And c’mon. It’s completely obvious that this gi-fucking-normus field of potential nominees for the 2020 presidential race is a calculated move. As you remember, in 2018 the DNC eliminated superdelegates — during the first round.

The more candidates, the better chance of going to a second round of voting — and yep, you guessed it, another opportunity for one career politician to override the voices of millions of voters.

The sad and sorry truth is that the Democratic Party would rather subject the country to another heapin’ helpin’ of Trump than allow a people-backed Progressive candidate to win their nomination. After all, the GOP loves their kickbacks just as much as the Democrats do. Neither is going to back any candidate who would choose to challenge that.

This is why when you look up Establishment Democrat in the dictionary, it says: see also “cutting off nose to spite face,” “shooting self in foot,” and “dumb as fucking rock.”

OK, it doesn’t, but it should.

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See this Dems? Don’t screw it up again. Photo by Peopleforbernie.com

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