I’m Getting a Jump on Dreading the 2020 Election

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Yep, I’m being proactive. No sense in waiting ’til the last minute considering the spectacular panoply of Derp already setting itself in motion with an eye towards the Big Day.

Unbelievably — yet predictably — the Democratic Party has continued on the same unpopular neo-liberal trajectory. It doesn’t matter how many subtle hints we drop, such as NO MORE CORPORATE DEMS NOT NOW NOT EVER WON’T HAPPEN DIE MAD ABOUT IT. Instead, they are out in full-force informing “Berniebots” that we are big smelly stupidheads, calling us Russian trolls (lol) and blubbering that Bernie’s not a Democrat.

Well, no shit Bernie’s not a Democrat. That’s why he has such a large following. And you try to make it sound like a bad thing, which is actually pretty hilarious.

Whether the right-wing neo-liberal faction that calls the shots likes it or not — they CANNOT WIN in 2020 without Senator Bernie Sanders …OR US. So they best learn some damn manners. And grow some hindsight AND insight.

But really, what do you expect from a party that would form “Resist” Super-PACS and not savor the irony? This, right here, its what’s wrong with the Democratic Party. All incoherent screeching about Trump and Russia (lol), and no mission statement other than the laughable “Impeach Trump” battle cry, i.e. the neo-liberal cure-all for poverty, sickness, famine, injustice, and missing brunch.

They are willing puppets of the elite class. Nothing more.

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Instead of wisely taking the lessons of 2016 to heart, the right-wing third way Democrats are doubling down on their arrogance, elitism, and empty threats. So listen up Independents, Bernie Bros, Greens, and all you other Deplorables — you’d better cast your vote for the Democrats or they will … THEY WILL …

… tank spectacularly just like last time.

And that’ll learn us all right!

Or not. Yeah, let’s go with “or not.”

Not sure why Democrats have the impression that the American people consider their party the lesser of two evils. No, they don’t. You and the GOP both suck. There’s plenty of blame to go around. The Democrats have made it clear where the Party stands — right with the GOP opposing Medicare for All and a Green New Deal.

Screw your inconsequential lives. Screw the planet and everything on it.

Why in the flipping frank would any Progressive cast a vote for you?

Remember — we’re not dumb enough to fear Trump and/or Russia(lol). You’ll require an actual platform and a sound, progressive plan to lure in unaffiliated voters.

And since it seems you’re not willing to do that, don’t cry like little bitches again when your tone-deaf arrogance yields the exact same result it did in 2016 — a blubbery Orange Anal Wart.

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is a political junkie and history buff randomly alternating between bouts of crankiness and amusement while bearing witness to the Apocalypse. Come along!

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