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Seriously. I find myself typing or saying those three little words twenty times a day easy. I’m sure I’m not alone. The coin tosses, the neo-lib bullying, the Democratic Party lack of platform aside from “We’re not Trump.”

Deja-fucking-Vu, huh kids?

The DNC and centrist rank-and-file clearly have no interest in learning a damn thing from the spanking they took in 2016. Because of that, there’s an undeniable and unwelcome sense of “familiarity” pervading the current political landscape.

Let’s sample several ways how the Democratic Party is literally guaranteeing another four years of the Orange Anal Wart (obviously, these tactics weren’t invented in 2016. Just perfected.)

  • Septic vitriol replaces intelligent political discourse. Just like 2016.
  • The establishment Dems are still tone-deaf elitists who consider your vote their by Divine Right you know, TRUMP.) Just like 2016.
  • The will and well-being of the People are ignored by both major parties in favor of catering to corporate campaign donors. Just like 2016.
  • The MSM is smearing Progressive candidates and mocking our movement while pushing the corporate neo-lib agenda. Just like 2016.
  • And if the DNC doesn’t cough up a Progressive candidate, they will lose and Trump will win. They will also blame everyone but themselves. Just like 2016.
Yeah, Becky. Brunch. Photo by The Observer

It’s enough to make the restoration of the British monarchy look like an attractive proposition, isn’t it?

But before we consider the “Impotent Despair” option, let’s consider what has changed since 2016 …

Back In 2016,(it feels like a gazillion years ago, doesn’t it?) when I first saw Bernie’s “America” election commercial I was overwhelmed by its beautiful, honest simplicity. Bernie’s early campaign gave us all renewed hope for America’s future. Our future.

We’re going to do this! We’re going to change the world! The pendulum is finally swinging back to sanity!

At the time, I couldn’t fathom that the Democrats would be stupid enough to reject a sure thing like Bernie. After all, winning elections is the entire point, right?

Yeh. I really thought that. Just call me Pollyanna. there's precedent.

But winning elections is small potatoes when measured against the irresistible seduction of corporate cash. After all, both parties will still reap obscenely huge financial benefits no matter who is officially holding the reins.

(Unless it’s Bernie of course.)

I simply couldn’t believe the Democratic Party would hamstring itself by passing up an ace in the hole like Bernie until I thought about it in these terms.

After 2016, we knew without a doubt just how innately and unapologetically corrupt the Democratic Party really is. (Yes, they always were, but talk about driving the point home.)

So what else do we know now?

  • We know there will be endless moronic attacks on social media from vote-shaming, pink pussy hat neo-libs.
  • We know that no strategy is too despicable or disgusting for them, including planting child porn on the internet sites of your opponent. We need to be prepared for more fuckery like this:
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When they go low, we go high. Yep.
  • We know they are skilled liars and have no problem slandering Progressive candidates and their supporters, especially Bernie.
  • We know mainstream media will aid and abet this strategy. After all, they are beholden to the same oligarchs as their darling neoliberal candidates.
  • We know Tulsi Gabbard has cajones the size of cymbals.

Except for the last point, it’s all a bit depressing and daunting, but we are stronger, wiser, and better prepared now. The past three-and-a-half years have been a ruthless yet effective teacher.

It isn’t all doom and gloom. A considerable advantage we didn’t have in 2016 is the millions of more voters aware of Bernie Sanders and his working class-friendly policies. We have done a phenomenal job with outreach and education in the wake of the disastrous 2016 election.

Go us!

Because of that, our movement is a truly formidable force in American politics. There is only one way we can be bested in 2020. Since Progressive Independents outnumber Establishment Democrats by at least 2:1, simple math proves the DNC cannot win without us. if another Pantsuit-Wearing Succubus-approved candidate gets the nomination, it will only happen because they’ve cheated their asses off. Again.


What a real leader looks like. Photo by WBUR

Waaaaaaaay back in early 2016, most Americans hadn’t even heard of this firebrand Vermont senator and the media did its best to keep it that way. Now he’s the most popular politician in the country. With the people. Not Big Business or MSM. The people. Big diff.

Bernie’s message has gone mainstream, no matter how hard the media tries to paint him as a kooky Commie. Most Americans favor Progressive policies even if they don’t know they are Progressive policies.

We’re ready for the next chapter.

If Bernie doesn’t run or get elected for whatever reason (and again, we all know what that reason would be), we will continue to work towards our shared goal of an America that is … well, I’d settle for livable at this point.

We’ll still have our plan laid out ahead of us. We’ll still fight for justice and equality. We’ll still concentrate on the issues rather than engaging in partisan pissing contests.

And we’ll still have each other.

Just like 2016.

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