Koch Sucking: Yes it DOES Matter Where the Money Comes From

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“Art” and photo by Kathy Copeland Padden

Just when you think things can’t get any more surreal, David Koch, billionaire Republican Cheerleader and founder of the Tea Party, announced from his five-star hotel he will provide financial support to numerous Democratic candidates “who share his values” in the looming 2018 midterms.

Industrialist Koch is said to be fuming that the last GOP spending measure in March had so many “give-aways.” On the other hand, the biggest oligarchs in the US apparently find centrist Democratic policy very satisfactory.


After shaking my head so hard it brought on a bout of vertigo, I imagined the horror the Dems must feel. Having a Koch back your candidate is certain death for a Party trying to present itself as an alternative to GOP hyper-capitalism. But it’s also a brilliant way to ferret out and discredit right-wing Neo-liberals masquerading as Progressives.

This gives the Democratic Party and their rank and file the perfect opportunity to put their money, or lack thereof, where their mouth is.

That is, of course, if the Democrats told the Kochs to shove it. But they haven’t, and they won’t. The Kochs supported Hillary the Howling Hagbag after all. They are embracing the old, oligarchic coots like long-lost brethren.

Don’t believe me? Here’s just one demented doofus who dares call himself a Progressive edited for clarity, grammar, and CYA:

“If I was protesting corporate greed and our bus broke down but a huge stretch limo offered to drive us … I’d accept the ride even if it looked bad getting out of a limo to protest unmitigated greed! Refusing money is refusing new supporters!”

Which perfectly sums up everything that’s wrong with the Democratic Party. Let’s open the tent for the Oligarchs, but run like screech monkeys with their testicles on fire from any mention of Democratic Socialism.

Some apologists insist that the Koch brothers will back Red State Democrats because they realize how dangerous Trump is.

Right. Trump is dangerous to their bottom line. They don’t like his tariffs as they hurt them personally. They will do what they have to in the interest of protecting their empire.

So wake up mouth-breathers. The Kochs don’t fund political candidates — they BUY THEM. And they expect a hefty return on their investment. They know their money is well spent on “centrist” Democratic candidates.

But the Oligarchs in the Democratic Party don’t give a crap where they get their money, just like the Kochs don’t care which Party they exploit to achieve their personal aims. An arrangement that works out nicely for everyone except the American People.

The Democrats love to insult the GOP’s intelligence, but as far as political strategy goes, they run circles around the delusional — and dying — DNC.

Taking Dirty Money from the elitist shitbags who are the cause of our collective misery is not, in any way, indicative of Progressive values. Neither is your “end justifies the means” schtick. If you condone this behavior, do not call yourself Progressive. You are a rightwing Neo-Liberal. Either own it or change it.

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THIS is what they all plan on leaving for us. Photo by Kathy Copeland Padden

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