Let’s Talk About Purity Tests

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I’ve been noticing an interesting phenomenon lately. So-called purity tests (you know, the go-to buzzword establishment Democrats use to attack voters who won’t support corporatists )have now become the cornerstone of neo-liberal dismissal of Progressive candidates.

This development is a real head-scratcher. The same bunch chastizing voters repelled by the human rights violations and Wall Street shenanigans of establishment Dems have no problem nitpicking relatively trivial details about a Progressive member of their own Party.

The hypocrisy and self-sabotage is breath-taking.

For example, Progressive presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard was raised in a homophobic household but rejected her upbringing to celebrate and support LGBTQ rights. Oh no! She used critical thinking skills and changed her position! And now, Tulsi is given the highest marks from LGBTQ groups for her efforts on their behalf.

But this isn’t enough, even though Goldwater Girl HRC openly opposed gay marriage and LGBTQ rights for years until she pretended to feel otherwise for political expediency.

And that mouthy little Alexandria Ocasio Cortez — dancing! While in college! You are there to learn, missy. Completely unacceptable behavior. And how dare she speak out on the issues her constituents desperately need addressed! AOC needs to sit quietly in a corner and learn the fine art of kissing corporate ass. None of this doing what she was elected to do socialist nonsense.

Only a neophyte would think that serving the People is their responsibility. Just ask that keen political analyst Whoopi Goldberg. You know, the one that asked Bernie Sanders why he’s never addressed income inequality. It would’ve been funny if it wasn’t such a stellar example of neoliberal derpiness.

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But I digress, as usual. Tulsi and Alex didn’t destabilize entire countries, causing the deaths of untold innocents while sitting on a fat pile of money provided by Big Business puppet masters. According to the centrist neo-liberal handbook, this corrupt, sociopathic behavior is more palatable than evolving as a human being and a young woman just being young. No growth and no joy allowed, but murder and theft are just part of the job.

So, if you object to shady wheelings-and-dealings by DNC Darlings like Clinton, Harris, Warren, or Beto, you’re slammed for being a purist and blamed for — oh noes! — Trump. (The simple truth is that we have Trump because the DNC insisted on running the biggest political dud that ever dud-ed in the long history of political dud-ery.)

Calling out career criminals in the pocket of Wall Street isn’t an unwarranted purity test. It’s using platform-based standards for candidate vetting rather than resorting to intellectually lazy Party-line partisanship. If you defend centrist neo-liberals’ corruption but harp on Progressives for trifles, you just might have an agenda. An agenda attacking the most popular candidates in your own Party. Go figure.

We are not going to rally around corporate establishment candidates. We meant it in 2016, and it goes double now. If the Democrats genuinely desire unity going forward, they may want to consider supporting the Progressive movement and re-visit what it feels like to prevail in major elections.

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