“Mommy, Where Do Neo-Liberals Come From?”

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Oh, crap. It’s time. Photo by Healthy Moms Magazine

It’s the question all parents and caretakers know they’ll have to face head-on someday. Just a matter of time.

Children begin to notice their families are getting poorer and poorer though their parents are working harder and harder. They watch their schools close while administrators continue receiving handsome raises. Their medical and dental needs aren’t met as the entire profit-driven healthcare system implodes.

That will be the day a little upturned face will ask, “Mommy, where do neo-liberals come from?”

You’ve been rehearsing this moment for ages, so you’re not totally at a loss.

“Well honey, when a politician and a lobbyist love each other very much, they gather in dark backrooms and express their love by crafting corporate-friendly legislation. They do this while pretending to have the American People’s best interest at heart, but in reality, the only difference between neo-liberal Democrats and the GOP is gay wedding cake.

They claim to be progressive but support endless wars, encourage income inequality, champion for-profit medicine, and prop up the fossil fuel industry. These are not progressive values, sweetheart. Don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise.”

The child solemnly nods, wide-eyed.

“Today’s neo-liberals push identity politics in lieu of a platform, secure in the knowledge that if we’re fighting each other, they can achieve their objectives with little to no resistance. As the masses bicker over trifles, those in power blithely push through their agendas.

It has yet to dawn on a depressingly large portion of the populace that these self-described left-wing liberal politicians have far more in common with the GOP than they do with any of those they profess to champion.

Many neo-liberals are members of the exclusive elite class. This is the breed known as ‘limousine liberals.’ They are spawned from the comfort and security of exclusive suburbs and Ivy League law schools. They rise up through the same privileged channels as the Republican lawmakers they profess to revile, even when they once shared a dorm room at Yale. Most have no idea what it’s like to choose between heat and rent.”

“Like we do, Mommy?”

You nod in agreement.

“The working class supporters of neo-liberal politicians are perplexing, to say the least. They taunt struggling Republicans for voting against their best interests as they do the same exact thing. The arrogant cognitive dissonance is breath-taking.

So, where do neo-liberals come from honey? Right next door to the GOP. A place most of us simply haven’t been or remotely relate to.”

(The Silence of Dawning Horror.)

“I’m scared, Mommy.”

“I know sweetheart. We all are.”

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