Nancy Neolib Explains It All: Top Ten Reasons Bernie Sanders Sucks

Look! We’re resisting! Photo by CNBC

Hi fellow real Democrats! I’m Nancy Neolib, and I’m here to break down the issues that really matter to the Democratic Party, not tedious Progressive prattle about policy. That’s so divisive.

This week we’ll explore a small sampling of the many neolib reasons why Bernie Sanders is evil incarnate.

All Hail our sacred Neolib Oracle Photo by MSNBC
Required reading for ALL good Dems. Photo by imgur

Since Bernie Sanders apologetically strives to improve the lot of lazy freeloaders who won’t get off their asses and find a better job or move to a less expensive neighborhood while we gentrify them out, we will never accept him. No real Democrat would risk the ire of Wall Street to bail out the serfs. It’s incredibly divisive.

Divisive poopy-headed Trump lover. Photo by Fox News

is a political junkie and history buff randomly alternating between bouts of crankiness and amusement while bearing witness to the Apocalypse. Come along!

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