No, I Won’t Vote For a Woman On That Determination Alone

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Nope. Uh-uh. Ain’t happening.

Call me crazy, but I simply refuse to vote for anyone based solely on what they’re packing in their pants. I prefer a candidate who has more to recommend them than their genitalia.This is treasonous in Dem-land, but once again the Give-a-Fuck delivery truck got lost on its way to Casa Kat.

Selective Girl Power driven by partisanship, not personal conviction.

We must support women in politics! As long as they play for our team!


When accused of being a misogynist minion of the patriarchy for not supporting Clinton, I like to point out that I did vote for a woman in 2016 — Jill Stein.

Oh, they love that.

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Apparently, Green Party vag doesn’t hold a candle to the neo-lib variety. Once that dead-end argument reaps them no reward I usually get accused of splitting a party I don’t even belong to.

I am just that powerful.

Hillary Clinton was not the right woman(understatement of the century.) When someone, anyone presents a candidate with solid Progressive cred(*cough* Tulsi ) I will proudly and happily cast my vote for a female presidential nominee.

I won’t give said candidate my support based on their gender, but rather on their platform and ability do the job.

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The DNC likes to hide its neo-liberal policies behind a veil of identity politics. They use women (and POC) as a human shield against criticism and contempt.

You can see the steam escaping from under their pink pussy hats when told you really don’t care what they think of your refusal to be emotionally manipulated. Especially by a completely corrupt entity like the Democratic Party that has no business passing judgment on voting ethics, of all things.

This is what it boils down to: if the Democrats had an actual platform (aside from We Hate Trump) and served up candidates that provided a real alternative to the GOP, they wouldn’t need identity politics as a fallback position.

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