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To all the Blue Dog Dems that resent Bernie running on their ticket because he’s not a “real” Democrat:

It’s time to embrace your old nemesis Reality and face some uncomfortable facts.

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First, you need to accept that without Bernie Sanders, the Democrats haven’t a prayer of taking the White House back in 2020. This should be a no-brainer, even for the cerebrum challenged. If you want to win, you’ll have to bend to the will of the People instead of Wall Street.

And most of those People don’t belong to your Party.

Senator Sanders doesn’t need the Democrats either, except of course to pass bills in Congress, but they’re useless in that capacity as well. Democrats court corporate donors just as predictably and enthusiastically as the GOP. Ask Big Pharma’s bitch Corey Booker, and many other supposedly progressive Dems like Harris and Warren. Also see: Single Payer Healthcare and Ponies.

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Even with all the DNC stands to gain personally and politically, establishment shills continue to denigrate Bernie, the most popular politician in the country, further alienating his followers who comprise their most likely pool of new Party members or voters.

Of course, an upswing in Party enrollment would be the trend if the DNC wasn’t so jaw-droppingly stupid. Apparently, it’s preferable to lose to the GOP and subject us all to Trump’s Day-Glo orange ass for another four years than support Social Democracy.

And let’s address this whole “Bernie Isn’t a Democrat” defense used for crapping all over him and his supporters. Who, by the way, would have won the election for you in 2016 if you hadn’t succumbed to neoliberal corruption during the primaries.

Also Truth.

Everyone is well aware that Bernie’s not a Democrat. It’s a big part of why he’s so popular. That’s a bitter pill for the Blue Wave Crowd to swallow, so they choose to ignore or deny it.

Fundraisers charging donors 250,000 a plate so they can get close enough to smell the bullshit off a candidate’s breath in no way represents true Democratic values. Going out among your constituents to hear their concerns and then carrying out the People’s will out as you were elected (hired)to do does embody those values.

What is YOUR candidate’s M.O.?

Democratic Socialism, the sort that brought the American people a minimum wage and Social Security, does not incorporate elitism, corporatism, or arrogance — the mainstays of the modern Democratic Party.

The Democratic Party lost its soul decades ago. They sold out and became GOP Lite by kissing corporate ass instead of championing the American working class. Limousine Liberals desperately attempt to ride the coattails of Democrats from half a century ago, like FDR and JFK. Both would be viewed as dangerous radicals in today’s Democratic Party.


And yes, we know how the Democratic Party works. Particularly how as a private organization they can nominate whoever they like but still take people’s money under the pretense of a fair contest.

So yeah, that’s primary rigging, and shady as hell. Own that shit.

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But we cheated as hard as we could! Photo by blunt force Truth

But you won’t. It’s always someone else’s fault. Berners, third party supporters, or Deplorables. Never your own.

The collective resolve to rebuff vote-shaming by corporate stooges hiding behind identity politics has never been stronger. We simply won’t accept the Neo-Lib crap you are peddling ever again.

So it’s time to get it through your thick, pink pussy-hat-wearing heads. The country isn’t going to remain stagnant for your comfort and false sense of security. Nor should it.

Political parties exist to serve the people, not the other way around. If the Democrats really want unity and not just acquiescence, they will have to acknowledge this and change the game plan.

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