Of Course I’m Anti-Fascist — Aren’t You?

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Yep. I’m failing to see an issue here.

I’m sure you’ve heard it said that if you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes accepted as truth. In case it’s escaped your notice, that shit really works, kids. The Nazis knew it in the 1930s, and the power brokers on “both” sides of the aisle know it today. Never has this tactic of controlling the narrative been more effective than with the term “Anti-fa” — which is short for anti-fascist for those not in the know.

It’s hard for me to comprehend just where the confusion lies here. Most people, in theory, recognize the correct choice quickly enough, but in practice, it gets bogged down in a quagmire of semantics instigated by state propaganda.

Seriously — how can anyone object to this unless they are pro-fascist? There isn’t any comforting “middle ground’ here. You’re either anti-fascist or pro-fascist. And proclaiming your wussbaggy “neutrality” equals favoring the oppressors.

Yes. It. Does.

You have to hand it to the establishment and the media though, they've actually made opposition to fascism look like a bad thing. Which goes to show just how malleable and gullible the American public really is. And, scarier still, how fascist our government “of the people” has become.

Pick. A. Side. Consider choosing the one that puts you on the right side of history. You know, so your grandkids won’t find you completely embarrassing (best case scenario)or so utterly reprehensible they cut off your branch of the family tree.

Let’s break this down into the simplest of terms. Anti-Fa is a political philosophy, not an organized group. There are no formal meetings, no membership cards, no official handbook. Your Dunkirk-landing Grandpa was anti-fa. Being anti-fascist is a good thing, children. People used to know that.

The Orange Anal Wart and his centurions. Photo by Washington Post

Trump’s designation of a non-existent group as “terrorists” has only one purpose. It's a not-so-clever ploy to ensure the Feds can detain left-wing activists for as long as they want without that bothersome “right to a speedy trial” getting in the way. They don’t even have to charge you.

Who’s the fascist now?

This country is run to benefit the ruling class, not the Average American. We are propagandized from birth to accept our fate as servile peasants that exist only to enrich Big Business. Work, pay bills, and die. This is the very core of fascism.

I don’t know about you, but I can say without the slightest hint of hesitation that I’m against all that.

Look. Any person of any race, gender, or religious affiliation busting their ass for peanuts has far more in common with each other than the oligarchy. A white, Christian man struggling by on $30,000 a year has more functional similarities with a black Muslim woman making the same salary than he does with a white Christian millionaire. The divisions between us are deliberately propagated by those who directly benefit from it(you know, the aforementioned white Christian millionaires.)

We have a shit-ton of potential allies in each other once we free ourselves from the false constraints the power brokers gaslighted us into accepting. Americans must stop rewarding the manipulation of the ruling class with obedience and come out swinging like we’re fighting for our lives.

Because we are. We really are.

Stop blindly giving your loyalty to those who are profiting from so many people’s suffering. Our suffering. And sweet merciful jeebus, please stop letting them cause dissension among us. It drains our collective power, and they know it. That’s their whole game plan in a nutshell. There’s strength in numbers, but only if we form a cohesive unit.

Think about why certain ridiculous narratives are forced upon us with such gusto. It shouldn’t take much contemplation. We live under a fascist regime. Therefore, being anti-fascist is spun as being anti-American. That bothers a lot of people who don’t realize/refuse to see what the U.S. really is.

It ain’t pretty.

Once again for those in the back: you are either a fascist or anti-fascist. Take a stand.

Fuck Nazis.

Protecting and serving. Photo by CNN

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