Please Spare Me Your Male Lecture on Feminism

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Let’s just get this out of the way so you can decide if you want to read on:

I do not believe that Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton can blame their political woes on sexism. They are not reviled because they are female, they are reviled because they are corrupt, corporate whores who avoid punishment thanks to their bank balances and connections to other corrupt, corporate whores.

Vaginas: saving career criminals from criticism since 2016.

Still with me?

Calling these two victims of sexism is a slap in the face to millions of women, dead and alive, who have actually had to deal with outright, unabashed misogyny, especially in the workplace.

Cowardly hiding behind your genitalia to avoid push-back is cynically claiming the experiences of countless women of lesser means, and a perfect example of why identity politics suck.

Keeping this in mind, the last thing I’m going to tolerate is some arrogant neo-liberal dude trying to school me on feminism and how I should feel about it. Listening to the self-congratulatory pontificating, which boils down to me being a truly horrible person if I don’t cave to their narrow, patronizing viewpoint, gets old real fast.

This happens nauseatingly often.

Exhibit A: I encountered a dude who tweeted that anyone who doesn’t see that HRC and DP are victimized targets should hit themselves in the face with a 2x4 and join the GOP.

Tolerant much?

After I objected to this, this guy tried to put me in my place by bragging how he minored in Women’s Studies.

Oh well then, you are definitely more qualified to weigh in on a woman’s experience than an actual woman. After all, you took a course on it. I just live it daily.

How is THIS not considered misogyny?

And there’s a special place in hell for Women who don’t support women candidates? Oh, do share, all you super-privileged, neo-liberal ladies. Tell us all about your struggle from your mansion the American People bankrolled.

And please, regale us with tales of how you yourself unquestionably support all female candidates including Tulsi Gabbard and Cynthia Nixon oh wait you DON’T.

Well, keep my hell seat warm (giggle) because I’m not voting for ANYONE based on their gender, sex, race, religion or lack thereof.

You earn my vote based on your record and platform, not what’s dangling, or not dangling, between your legs.

This is not sexist. It’s the polar opposite of sexist. Condescending, politically correct platitudes? Now that’s sexist.

Now, this is not to say women aren’t victims of discriminatory sexism. Of course they are and always have been. No question. No debate.

But the women who are not victims of sexism who claim they are being oppressed by a hostile misogynist enemy (funny how the accused is the opposing political party) are the ones who really have a special place in hell waiting for them.

And the men that aid and abet this behavior are just as guilty of the same heinous hypocrisy.

Don’t ever presume to “explain” feminism to me fellahs. You are way out of your league and just embarrassing yourself by proving you’re at least as misogynistic as those you accuse.

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Nope. Nopers. NO.

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