Political Debates are a Waste of Time

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No thanks, I’ll pass. Photo by Reason.com

This may surprise some people, but I don’t watch political debates. Nope, uh-uh, not this girl. They are a beyond-frustrating, unproductive time-suck. I’d rather listen to Nickleback with headphones than sit through another fucktastic circus sideshow masquerading as democracy.

Why? Well, let’s take the most recent Democratic debates.

Those in the audience paid anywhere from 1,000 to 4,000 bucks to attend. Yes, really. These are not your average voters by any stretch. Who do you think has that kind of spare cash to blow on an event that should be free and open to the public?

Hand-picked neo-liberal shills, that’s who.

When a debate is run by corporate media, as they all are, the issues are obscured by carefully rehearsed Academy Award-winning performances from the participants. And the moderators are just as guilty of self-aggrandizement as the candidates are.

No matter where you look, you’re surrounded by human dingleberries.

Take Kamala Harris. Yeah, nice job taking down Creepy Uncle Joe, but verbally dope slapping the easiest target on the stage doesn’t erase the significance of Kamala’s terrible record. And it IS terrible if you bother to take a gander. Here, I even did the legwork for you: https://medium.com/@kathycopelandpadden/sorry-kamala-i-dont-like-you-in-that-way-dd739f0c7112

Kamala, leave that job to Tulsi. She’s better at it than you. And please stop laughing at your own jokes. It makes me sad for you. Thanks.

A presidential debate in the 21st century is nothing but a political beauty pageant. The smiling, well-scrubbed contestants respond with pat, pre-selected comments while pretending they don’t hate every other bitch on that stage. Let’s be eternally grateful there’s no swimsuit competition.

Charisma and camera presence doesn't guarantee good governing skills. Ted Bundy had charisma(and worked for the GOP, lol). The issues of most concern to the American public are, at best, briefly flitted over with rhetoric and empty talking points.

Problem is, most people watching these dog and pony shows pick a candidate based on how they play to the hand-picked audience tasked with uplifting the DNC’s preferred candidates. They believe the “best” candidate rises to the top by virtue of their suitability for the job, not because the game is rigged in favor of the oligarchy.

As past actions are the best indicator of future behavior, selecting a presidential contender without carefully considering their voting record and donor list is like a blind date on an epically dangerous scale. What people claim to be is often very different from who they really are, especially in the political arena.

The only way to cut through the posturing and pandering is to examine what a candidate has actually done. Campaign promises are made to be broken. Their performance during a debate deliberately weighted to boost Party favorites is by no means an accurate portrayal of any candidate.

I haven’t got time for the pain. Or the bullshit. If our technology ever evolves to the point that it’s possible to reach through your screen and throttle the candidate(s) of your choosing, I might opt-in again. Maybe. Please keep me posted.

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