Preemptive Surrender: “I Love Bernie, But I’ll Vote for the Eventual Democratic Nominee No Matter How Hard They Suck”

Kathy Copeland Padden
4 min readMay 1, 2019
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Ugh. I can’t even with this. I know I say that a lot, but this mindset truly angers me. It’s unforgivable ignorance and cowardice wrapped up in one neat little self-absorbed package.

If you can’t see why proclaiming you’ll VBNMW is waving the white flag of surrender even before the battle is fought, you have no business going within a hundred miles of a voting booth.

This dimwitted philosophy is directly responsible for the piss-poor governance we find ourselves with today. Decades of lesser-evilism voting has shown the establishment you’ll meekly accept whatever garbage candidates they throw at you. This behavior is not noble, it’s partisanship rooted in privilege, plain and simple. It’s selfish and contemptible and tells us everything we need to know about you as a human being.

Maybe you can afford to eschew Medicare for All, a livable minimum wage, and protecting Social Security, but the bulk of your fellow citizens do not have that luxury. People in the wealthiest nation the world are dying every damn day at the hands of runaway capitalism. This is not opinion, it’s a cold hard fact. Your loyalty to a corrupt system over their lives makes you a reprehensible asshole, not the patriot you try to paint yourself as.

C’mon. Do you really believe vowing to support whatever establishment empty suit the DNC thrusts on you will in any way improve the lives of average Americans? All you are doing is driving the point home that you are malleable, unthinking drones who will do exactly what you are told.

When push comes to shove, you’ll fold like a house of cards and do the bidding of the oligarchy like good little serfs. This is not Progressive behavior. If your political philosophy includes no-questions-asked party loyalty, do NOT call yourself a Progressive. You are an unethical Establishment Enabler.

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