Rural Doesn’t Always Mean Redneck and Republican

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There seems to be an assumption that people living in rural areas are all Hee-Haw loving NASCAR fans. And, even worse, Republican Hee-Haw loving NASCAR fans.

Like most assumptions, it’s basically bullshit. “All rural dwellers are mouth-breathing inbreds” is a tiresome myth that needs to die.

I grew up in the city of Boston. I raised my kids in the surrounding ‘burbs, did a year in rural North Carolina, and have lived in my father’s hometown, population 700, for over a decade now. The inhabitants of all three areas have far more issues ,concerns,and traits in common than separating them.

Each demographic has transformed over the decades. As working-class city dwellers have been pushed out by gentrification, many have moved to rural areas where the cost of living is lower (as are the wages, as newcomers quickly discover.)

Conversely, as neo-liberals have made more money, they also move to rural towns, build fortress McMansions, and look down on the locals who have resided there for decades.

The elites in my town, in surrounding towns, in all small towns, reap the benefits of slower-paced country life while denigrating those who wear work clothes for work instead of puttering in the garden on Sunday.

And I got news for you. These transplanted city folk are not voting Republican. Here’s a few hints to help you narrow down where their loyalties are:

They RESIST their nemesis the GOP by behaving just like them. They are turned on by incremental change (think glaciers forming land masses.)

They reek of arrogance and white wine burps. They are the bluest-of-the-blue Blue Dog Dems. And they are rural. Well, they live in the country anyway.

We don’t even have a traffic light but we were strong for Bernie, and most ended up voting for Queen Pantsuit over the Marmalade Moron in the end. Quite a switch from when my grandmother was only one of two registered Democrats here in town.

We also have more than our share of Progressives out here in the boonies(raises hand, voted Green.) Living closer to the land and the cycles of the seasons tend to make one lean that way.


Conditions can be harsh, and we all depend on each other as neighbors to get through. We instinctively get democratic socialism (even the people who vote Red, whether they like it or not) because it’s how you survive a woodland winter.

It’s also how you survive as a nation.

Now, I’m not implying that rural towns are lacking Republicans and racists and hyper-religious nutballs. Because they also have their share of these, with the proportion varying by location(think proximity to the Mason/Dixon line.)

But I can assure you there’s very little difference between city and country cousins when it comes to issues like racism, sexism, and homophobia, no matter what the official narrative is.

The bullshit flowing forth from the City Toolbag’s derphole is the same stupid word vomit bleating from the Hot Mess on a Barstool in the Sticks. Donnie’s Derpers are legion, kids.

The difference I have observed is that, almost without fail, rural voters hit the polls unless they are one step away from death no matter what their party affiliation, unlike those in the ‘burbs and in the city.

And let’s utilize some common sense. As a matter of strategy, it’s incredibly counterproductive to intentionally and incessantly equate “rural” with “ignorant.” These are your potential constituents, Dems. Referring to them as rednecks or bumpkins (Trumpkin bumpkin, lol, OK that’s probably not helpful) will get you nowhere fast.

So let’s agree to ditch the fairy tale of the dumb-ass rural dweller. Dopeyness of Trumpian proportions is running rampant, and no single geographical area has cornered that market.

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is a political junkie and history buff randomly alternating between bouts of crankiness and amusement while bearing witness to the Apocalypse. Come along!

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