Shit Neolibs Say: The Democrat to Progressive Translator

A handy-dandy guide to what Establishment Dems say as opposed to what they mean.

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Purity tests are bad:

Joe Biden isn’t a creepy kid groper:

The DNC didn’t cheat Bernie in 2016:

Obama was the best president in living memory:

Vote Blue No Matter Who:

We dont need your votes:

Russia gave Trump the election:

Bernie isn’t a real Democrat!:

Hillary was the most qualified candidate in 2016:

Biden is leading in the polls:

We have to unite against Trump!:

Medicare for All will never happen:

ANY Democrat is better than any Republican:

How much is Putin paying you?:

If you don’t vote blue, we’ll get another four years of Trump and it will be all your fault:

I got cyber-bitchslapped by a Berner, and now I’d never vote for him

Let’s just get a Dem in the White House and worry about policy later:

If you refuse to VBNMW you’re privileged

Caucuses should be abolished

Hillary Clinton is the most admired woman in the

There is no difference between Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren

Trump is evil incarnate:

HRC isn’t running. Stop denigrating her: .

Rural areas are lousy with uneducated Trumpsters

We love JFK and RFK:

The DNC is an independent entity and has no obligation to nominate the peoples’ choice of candidate:

I will only vote for a woman

Warren will ensure every American has access to healthcare:

Obviously we’re just scratching the surface folks. Don’t worry. More to come.

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