Shoot-Out at the US Corral

The great American death cult

Kathy Copeland Padden


Look at all the crazy commies upset over state-sanctioned murder.

I’m going to be direct, succinct, and brief here because it’s all been said before. This is my personal take on gun violence in a nutshell. My stance was solidified when John Lennon was shot dead, and countless mass shootings have only strengthened my resolve. I’m not asking you to agree. Quite honestly, I don’t care if you agree. I’m speaking my truth, and if that offends you, I don’t care about that either.

The pro-gun contingent has always had the floor. Now it’s my turn.

I remember my shock and anguish after Sandy Hook. I couldn’t sleep. I couldn’t stop weeping. These victims were babies, tiny bullet-ridden babies, lifeless and bloody and gone forever. As a mother and brand-new grandmother, it tore me up as no other news story has before or since.

Why didn’t this nation dissolve with shame, remorse, and a resolve to right these wrongs? Little lives were brutally and unnecessarily taken, and families were left to grieve an unthinkable loss. This has got to be the tipping point, right?

Yeah, I was still that naive.

When We the People allowed those tiny children to be slaughtered with no repercussions whatsoever back in December 2012, I gave up any hope for this country finding a moral compass regarding sane gun control measures. Sandy Hook pulled the veil off once and for all. A pile of bloody, six-year-old corpses would not be “allowed” to infringe upon the rights of millions of cosplaying soldiers.

Chew-spittin’ Cletuses pronounced on the interwebs that if a few kids must die to protect their second amendment rights, so be it. Their “sorry not sorry” stance reeked of self-centered sociopathy. Who thinks, that never mind says something like that out loud? What in the Hee Haw Hell is going on here? This nation’s outright refusal to accept that no one has the “right” to stockpile automatic weapons hardened me.

So, once again, this country sided with the penile-impaired ammosexuals over the safety of our schoolchildren. From that moment on, we lost any semblance of decency or humanity. From that moment on, it’s been all bets are off; welcome to the OK Corral. Their right to flaunt their fragile masculinity supersedes anyone else’s…



Kathy Copeland Padden

is a music fanatic, classic film aficionado, and history buff surfing the End Times wave like a boss. Come along!