Short Attention Span Theater: The Warren Edition

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Hail, hail, the gang’s all here. Photo by the New York Times

Ok. even I admit that was must-see T.V. (Make a note of the date.) I rarely watch political debates but happened upon last night’s free-for-all just as Lizzie-Tish was ripping Lil’ Mike a new bunghole. So I decide to watch it.

Good Zoo! as we used to say.

Unfortunately, Wednesday’s endlessly entertaining brawl — uh, debate — after-buzz was almost immediately ruined by random dingbats proclaiming that Elizabeth Warren(tribal name: Breath Reeks of Bullshit)had won them back over.

“OMG! LOL! I suddenly have amnesia, and I’m only capable of living in this very moment. Liz is the shit! Love her! Sanders/Warren2020!!!!”

Really now.

As much fun as it was to watch Fun-Sized Trump get verbally eviscerated by Warbles Warren, it certainly doesn’t erase her crappy platform and voting record, never mind her highly questionable donor list.

You may also remember Liz recently accusing Bernie Sanders' supporters of building on a foundation of hate, much like Trumpers. (Yeah Lizzie, we hate that people are dying for lack of homes and healthcare, sue us.)

Taking hilarious potshots at an easy target should, in no way, translate to immediate forgiveness for decades-long fuckery. In reality, what we saw was a desperate woman frantically trying to remain in the race. Making Lil' Mike cry was a convenient means of (trying to) create the illusion of relevancy and viability for Warren’s sinking ship of a campaign(cue Celine Dion.)

She doesn’t care who she takes down with her. In fact, she wants to drag as many fellow candidates down to the depths as possible, because you know, unity.

Works for me. The Democratic Party eating itself alive saves us a lot of work.

Look, I readily admit my focus is hardly laser-like and completely relate to being distracted by the odd shiny thing. The antics at the bird feeder outside my window has torn me from this article on numerous occasions.


I recognize it as the momentary distraction it is and get back to work.

Just like we need to. As amusing as it was(and I avoid debates like the plague, so you know this one had high entertainment value)we have an election to win.

Focus, people. Focus.

So let’s go back to taking a world of shit for vetting the Big Blue Bus. When we need a quick pick-me-up we’ll always have YouTube to relive the memory and get warm fuzzies.


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