Silence of the Sheep

Can we keep this free speech thing? It’s rather important.

Kathy Copeland Padden


Really horrible doodle by Kathy Copeland Padden

There’s been an alarming increase in censorship demands lately. Most noticeably on the internet, or maybe I just notice it more on the internet because I live here, sadly. This ominous trend should be deeply disturbing to all Americans, regardless of their party affiliation. But unbelievably enough, many Americans are not bothered at-fucking-all. In fact, they are cheering it on, welcoming tyranny with open arms because of their closed minds.

We’re great. Just ask us. Everyone else is a dangerous idiot.”

What a dumb way to run a society, What an absurd thought process. It also foreshadows the beginning of the end. Once you give up your power, no matter how “noble” your intent, you’re done. Simple as that.

Cherry-picking who’s deserving of first amendment rights and who isn’t hamstrings guaranteed free speech. If you scoff at this, skip the B.S. and just chuck them in the trash. Picking and choosing who’s “worthy” of free speech based on your personal biases isn’t how any of this works. You may recall this from fourth-grade social studies class.

Challenging the status quo has been demonized under the guise of eliminating “fake news”(Team Red) or “misinformation (Team Blue.”) There’s no real difference between the two. They’re meant to silence anyone challenging the official narratives and our acceleration into fascism. As any student of history can tell you, this isn’t the first time an authoritarian regime has used this tactic to ensure their citizens only have access to state-sanctioned propaganda.

The people of the United States, no matter where they land on the political spectrum, are hypersensitive and borderline-paranoid these days. This is just the sort of septic psychic stew needed to get massive groups of people consenting to their own oppression as a trade-off for “safety and security.”

Surrendering your power to freely express yourself doesn’t keep you safe. It makes you a prisoner.

If the Powers That Be feel it necessary to squelch public dissent, it’s proof positive all our institutions are amid an epic fail. The establishment is…



Kathy Copeland Padden

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