Solidarity vs. Subjugation: Unity Is Not a One Way Street

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And maybe, just MAYBE, one of these days we’ll use it. Photo by Ifergcityhall

Unity. It’s the new buzzword of establishment Democrats. Like most buzzwords, it’s trite and simplistic. Like most things espoused by the Old Guard Dems, it’s contrived and self-serving.

It appears that The Democratic Party’s concept of unity is a tad off-kilter. According to Dictionary. com, unity is defined as the state or fact of being united or combined into one, as of the parts of a whole; unification.
In no way does this imply that either side is required to bend to the will of the other. It does suggest that unity is “parts of a whole” coming together in a state of mutually acceptable equilibrium.

So Establishment Dems— why does “unity” always entail you getting your own way while everyone else is expected to meekly submit to your demands? Why is solidarity only possible if we all agree to continue on the present calamitous, dead-end path?

The Dems can’t say they want to unite the left because after 25+ years of right-wing neo-liberal domination the Democratic Party isn’t even part of the left. The Dems need to re-join the left. This is what seems to be the biggest stumbling block to progress — an unwillingness to admit the party has lost its way.

But here’s a chance to embrace the Progressives trying to revamp the dying DNC and return to the principles that made it a Party of the People. If you’re overcome with fond memories at that thought it’s obvious you're damn old, because many voters weren't even alive when the Democratic Party could last make this claim.

The Party was hijacked by the cult of right-wing neo-liberalism decades ago. The Establishment Dems need to scooch left or just be intellectually honest and officially become Republicans. Because despite the accusations that Progressives are “stealing” their Party, the centrists themselves are the ones guilty of co-opting the DNC and making it almost indistinguishable from the GOP.

There isn’t even an illusion of choice anymore.

After all, we, the average voters, aren’t getting compensated nicely by corporate donors. We have no real incentive to climb on board. And once again, Not Being Trump simply isn’t enough for most people.

If the Democratic Party truly desires to seek unity, they need to do so in the spirit of communion and compromise, rather than merely seeking the subjugation of those who don’t agree with their philosophy. It’s hard to convince people you want to be inclusive and united while still selfishly holding all the cards.

Because by all outward appearances the DNC doesn’t want unity, they want submission. Unequivocal, unquestioning submission.

For a quick preview of how this stance will pan out for the Democratic Party, one need only refer to the Great Election FUBAR of 2016.

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