Sorry, Kamala. I Don’t Like You in That Way

No. Nopers. Hell no. Photo by CNN.

You know, in the way that would compel me to vote for you. It’ll never, ever happen. The chemistry just isn’t there. You’ve been neo-lib zoned baby. It’s like the friend zone, only with pink pussy hats and man buns.

Why you ask?

Well, for starters, the way you use innocent human lives to advance your career is a complete abomination. When Progressives (you claim to be one, which is knee-slappingly funny) called for criminal justice reform during your tenure as a D.A. and A.G., you resisted like a three-year-old at bedtime or remained mum, depending on the situation and what you stood to lose or gain.

You fought like Braveheart to uphold wrongful convictions obtained by false testimony and evidence tampering. Justice was (and is) a completely foreign concept to you.

Gotta keep those for-profit prisons making moolah by ensuring enough warm bodies were ensconced within. Whether your prisoners were guilty or innocent was irrelevant in the face of corporate gain.

For that alone you are unworthy of the highest office in the land.

On the other hand, Tulsi Gabbard had to justify her misguided but long discarded beliefs instilled during her upbringing. But you get a pass for dooming innocent American citizens to wrongful incarceration.

Why is this? Because Tulsi really is Progressive and would make a dandy Commander-in-Chief. Gabbard is also a non-white female like you, but since she stepped down from her position as DNC Vice-Chair to support Bernie Sanders in 2016, she is persona non grata to neo-liberal Democrats.

And yet, you are bouncing around the country spouting Bernie Sanders' platform like it’s your own, claiming to hold positions that your actions prove are a crock of shit.

Those obsessed with identity politics adore the Progressive agenda — when it’s touted by a black(ish) woman. Even if they are nipped from the platform of an old white dude who has done more for the cause of justice before breakfast than you’ve done during your entire career.

You are not Progressive by any definition. You are Mocha Hillary, and the HRC Pantsuit Brigade is simply delighted to have another unfit vagina owner to support loudly and stupidly.

No-one’s buying it, lady. Not after 2016. You may be the darling of the DNC and MSM(after all, Time Warner is one of your biggest donors)but the People know better.

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