Stop Defending Hillary Clinton

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To think this woman has endless funds and an army of stylists. Photo by In Style

Listen up Pantsuit Brigade. Every time you chastise someone who demands that Hillary Clinton be held accountable for her actions you are only confirming your own firmly-held bias. Nothing more.

You can’t be taken seriously when you proclaim that HRC was the most highly-qualified presidential candidate in modern history. Just what are you basing that assertion on? Her decades of constant human rights violations at home and abroad all the way back to her early years as a lawyer?

Her supporters always make much of the fact HRC packs a va-jay-jay, but I don’t see how that has any bearing on her suitability as a candidate. Hillary Clinton has never done one thing in her public life that sets her apart as distinctively feminist in the political arena. In truth, she’s always played by the boys’ rules on their home field instead of rising up and challenging the game. “If you can’t beat ’em, join ‘em” doesn’t seem like a very empowering, feminist point of view to me.

Using your ovaries as your platform hardly seems sporting when the candidate in question has never gone out of her way to advocate for other women. Unless they are other rich women, of course. That’s different you big silly!

Just what is it that Clinton has done to deserve such accolades? Was it using slave labor in the Arkansas Governor’s mansion? Or insisting young black men must be “brought to heel”? Or is it her enthusiastic participation with planned bombings of innocent civilians? Or that ultra-classy “we came, we saw, he died”quip that HRC herself was obviously tickled pink with?

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But she can’t be racist! She carries hot sauce! Photo by Writers Voice.

And that’s just for starters.

But Hillary’s apologists don’t care. They just spout that Hillary beat Trump by three million votes. No matter what point you are raising the reply never varies. They can’t and won’t accept that the 2016 election had a dismally low turnout because people didn’t want to choose between two career criminals. What transpired after the DNC slice-and-dice on Sanders had nothing to do with the will of the People. It’s ridiculous to maintain that Clinton “won” anything.

And “what-aboutism” is another poor yet frequent argument. Just because Trump is lowlife pond scum doesn’t mean HRC isn’t as well. The criminal actions of the opposition do not excuse the criminal actions perpetrated by your candidate.

Most of you are adults and should be able to grasp that. It’s like telling your kid, “Well, since I’ve been informed your brother shaved the cat, I obviously cannot contemplate punishing you for stealing money from my wallet. Now go get yourself some ice cream, you adorable little scamp!”

Yeah. Right.

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Photo by Word Porn

Fact is, America had no interest in either craptastic candidate, and the numbers reflect that. HRC scored no victory. At all. It’s like claiming to have won a battle when the other side didn’t even show up.

At this point, she cannot be unaware of what a divisive factor she is in American politics and her party. And yet, she blithely continues to put her own desire for the limelight ahead of every other consideration, desperately fighting to remain relevant in the face of complete rejection. Apparently, Hillary has a high humiliation tolerance.

These are not the actions of a public servant acting in the best interest of their country. It’s sociopathic selfishness, and to defend it doesn’t reflect very highly on your own character either so you might want to engage in some self-reflection.
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