Stop Giving Money to Rich People

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“Art” by Kathy Copeland Padden

The Marmalade moron recently announced a pay-freeze for all federal workers after giving the oligarchs another 1.5 BILLION in undeserved tax breaks.

And aside from Senator Sanders, you barely heard a peep about.

Just a bunch of trumped up (It works on two levels here, but I use “trump” interchangeably with the eff word. I know, that’s pretty trumping trumped. But fun!) claims that the jobless rate is something to cheer and yay for the almighty Stock Market.

OK, I’m no economist, but I do pay attention and possess a bit of common sense.

And here’s the thing: just scratch the surface, and it’s disgustingly obvious that only the richest among us are enjoying any sort of economic renaissance.

It’s easy to pile up the millions when you legally pay your workers starvation wages and rely on those who actually DO pay taxes (big corporations rarely pay taxes, go figure) to foot the bill for the government assistance your employees need just to survive.

And in case you weren’t aware, most of the people receiving assistance are not lobster and steak-eating (on YOUR dime!) minority single moms, as the GOP would like you to believe.

These are people working two or three jobs and can still barely make the rent.

“But unemployment rates are down!”

Maybe on paper, but not in reality.

The working poor killing themselves to earn diddle-squat is the reason for the highly deceptive job numbers. They are counting the jobs themselves, not the workers wearing two or three hats.

There’s also the fact that many people, devoid of hope, have simply given up on finding suitable employment and/or their unemployment insurance has run out. Then the Boys in Washington spin that as lower unemployment rates when nothing could be further from the truth. Those that have thrown in the towel and given up from despair aren't even on the radar here.

So, it case it hasn’t dawned on you already — we are just warm bodies existing to feed the oligarchy’s greed. Yes, you too, unless you are one of them, and I’m guessing you’re not. Every cent in this country is being funneled to those at the tippy-top. Social programs have been bled white so the elites and their multi-million dollar corporations can stockpile the fruits of the entire nation’s labor.

But you can only steal from the poor for so long until the bottom falls out. Once the duopoly has squeezed them dry, what then?

And the Stock Market? Please. It’s no true indicator of the country’s economic viability, just a barometer of how efficiently the elites are robbing everyone else’s coffers.

Corporations are people, but the poor are not.

So unless you have a little summer place in Newport, a booming stock market doesn’t improve the quality of your life one iota.

So what to do?

The first step is voting in candidates who can stand up to the oligarchs because they are not owned by them.

And please don’t spew any “vote blue no matter who” horseshit, because the GOP could never wage this devastating economic war on the poor without active participation from the neo-liberal Democrats. They are every inch the corporate whores the GOP are.

We need bold, Progressive leadership that will stop giving all our money to rich people who neither need nor deserve it.

We must also stop glamorizing and condoning money hoarding by the wealthy. It’s time to treat these monsters as the social pariahs they truly are.

Millions of Americans are joyless drones providing lives of untold luxury for a chosen few. It’s time for the rich to pull themselves up by their bootstraps and work for a living instead of profiting off the labor, pain, and sacrifice of the American people.

Welfare Queens are alive and well in America. The boardrooms and halls of Congress are infested with them. Time for their free ride at our expense to come to an end.

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is a political junkie and history buff randomly alternating between bouts of crankiness and amusement while bearing witness to the Apocalypse. Come along!

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