STOP THE PRESSES!!! Pelosi Claps For Trump in a Borderline Sarcastic Manner!

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Wanna play Old Lady Mack? Photo by USAToday

Have you guys seen this? Of course you have, it’s everywhere. Nancy Pelosi clad in suffragette white serving up Trump a heaping helping of genteel golf clap at the State of the Union address.

Do you understand the ramifications of this? Think about it. Instead of clapping conventionally, Pelosi bravely applauded like a seal making shadow puppets.

Such bravery! What a Patriot!

And just look at all that neo-liberal faux-feminism! It’s so edgy and resistance-y I want to run out and buy me a pink pussy hat and start yelling obscenities at Trump.

No, not really, but you get the point.

Why is this idiotic non-event getting so much attention? Where is the coverage calling out the utter hypocrisy of most of the Democratic legislators? You know, the ones jumping up to squeal like it was the Beatles at Shea Stadium instead of the mouth-breathing Marmalade Moron valiantly struggling for coherency?

These guys are the Resistance? What are they resisting, exactly? Logic? Sanity? Pissing off their corporate donors?

It’s no secret that Pelosi is on a personal crusade to deny the American People healthcare as a right. Yet all we can focus on is one inconsequential hand gesture with no bearing on our lives whatsoever.

This hagbag’s toadies assured American insurance execs that they need not worry about the future of their obscene profit margin. Medicare For All won’t happen on her watch. Pelosi will happily deny the American People medical care to appease her campaign donors. Just like the Dopey Doofus she supposedly threw shade at. It’s demented.

Why isn’t this the takeaway impression?

The only worthwhile moments of that complete embarrassment to the American people called the 2019 State of the Union address were Bernie Sanders' facial expressions and Alexandria Ocasio Cortez strutting in like she owns the place(because, in time, she will.)

So yeah, good job Pelosi on your ballsy, take-no-prisoners move. It takes guts to deny the American People healthcare and make a slightly sarcastic gesture to the ass clown you just gave a standing O to for denouncing socialism.

While we’re at it, extra kudos to your befuddled followers, who continue to reverently drape your empty gestures with a mantle of undeserved heroism while you shove a knife in their backs.

Sleep well, dear Nancy, knowing more and more of us see through your self-serving robber baron bullshit every day.

*claps Democratic Socialistly*

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