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“I don’t care what you SAY. I care what you DO.” Photo by Ask Leo!

OK, you guys are going to have to clarify for me here. And by “you guys” I mean those on(what the U.S. considers)the left renouncing Bernie Sanders like a stubborn baby refusing strained peas. (I’ve given up on engaging with establishment Democrats. Bad for the ol’ blood pressure.)

So help a bitch out.

What is it, exactly, that vexes you so about Bernie?

Do you take issue with our tax dollars being used to the advantage of the average American instead of our over-stuffed war chest, or providing endless corporate tax breaks for our beleaguered multi-millionaires?

Is there a problem with your friends, family, and neighbors living their lives with dignity instead of constantly fearing illness-induced financial ruin? Why would you begrudge any fellow citizen decent healthcare like the rest of the free world — and rich Americans — have?

Or do you take offense to young people having access to free college and trade school, so the poor don’t have to join the military to obtain a shot at a decent education?

And why don’t you want people who are busting their asses to make a living wage? Do you understand that millions of underpaid workers make your life easier every day by cooking your food, ringing up your groceries, and picking up your garbage? Do you believe some people simply deserve to live in poverty — as long as it’s not you?

Is it spite or ignorance or the irresistible urge to be a contrarian or … what?

If you despise Sanders but believe in his most of his platform (you know, the one that other candidates poach without actually walking the walk)what is YOUR plan to ensure the American People not only HAVE a voice in government but ARE the voice of government?

Lay it on me, kids. Show me a viable roadmap. You need to have a better case than … well, quite honestly, nothing. Tell me what are you FOR (we already know what you’re against) and just how you plan to make it manifest — with what we have to work with right now. Not some nebulous time in the future. We don’t have that luxury.

So, pat answers like “we need mass protests!” are meaningless. Waiting for Americans to organize and take to the streets is not a viable plan, especially during football season. I wish I were kidding.

We don’t have time for anyone’s incremental bullshit, no matter what their political philosophy or how noble the intent. We need solutions workable in the NOW, because we should have been addressing this fucktacular shit show decades ago.

And please don’t insult us by claiming that’s lesser-evilism, my zealot friends. Bernie would actually have to be evil for that to apply, and my grandson has stuffed animals more malevolent than Sanders is.

The picayune reasons the “left” has for denigrating Bernie are beyond tired. Let’s break all that nonsense down here:

Now don’t get me wrong. I completely understand the feelings of rage and/or despondency. 2020 undoubtedly has the potential to turn out beyond grim. This isn’t news to anyone. But sitting around just hoping people will take to the streets is lazy in every way.

And just for the record, I don’t agree with everything Bernie says. I cringe and die a little inside whenever he mentions Russian meddling. But you know what? Measured against over fifty years of public service, I’m willing to let some stuff slide. It’s one thing to reject corrupt corporate candidates out of hand, but quite another to dismiss Bernie (or anyone else for that matter) because you don’t agree with every single thing he says or does.

That’s ludicrous, self-serving, and batshit insane. Especially when you’re not offering cogent counter-arguments while indulging in a virtue-signaling circle jerk.

All I hear is a lot of half-baked half-truths that offer no actionable, alternative solutions. Because that’s what we need — solutions. Not self-indulgent hair-splitting. We get enough of that crap from establishment Dems and the GOP.

And yes, we may lose. We all know this. But we’ve made the decision to choose action over surrender, and hope over despair. As a certain senator from Vermont says, “it’s better to show up than give up.” No truer words have ever been spoken.

The bottom line is, I see you guys, no matter how well-intentioned, as cutting off your nose to spite ALL of our faces.

Snap out of it.

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